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Update 1.1.1

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Mowen » October 21, 2014 3:41pm | Report

AssistsThere’s more to battle than just kills
"Players have been asking for assists since our earliest beta playtests. It’s something we’ve always intended to add, and we’re excited that players can now showcase their contributions even when pulling the strings from the shadows. Assists are essential to reward good teamwork and strengthen players’ interest in heroes not intended to be primary damage-dealers or hypercarries." —CaptainNeato
  • A bonus gold payout equal to 40% of the kill bounty is shared among allies who contributed damage to the kill.

JouleShe gets nerfed back down to Earth.
"While playing Joule has been quite entertaining since her release, she was simply too strong. This was partially due to a bug that allowed Thunder Strike to hit too reliably. The ability was far too powerful for the amount of energy it expended and the ease at which it hit. These changes increase the skill and fun and bring its damage values back in line with the rest of Vainglory’s heroes. Joule’s Heavy Plating can now be countered effectively, and the changes to Big Red Button should deliver a big blast of damage for players who invest in crystal power, as intended." —CaptainNeato

Heavy Plating
  • Changed from 15% - 33% damage reduction to 20% - 90% bonus armor. (This results in the same effective defense, except now Bonesaw and armor piercing are effective against Joule.)
Thunder Strike
  • Bonus damage % lowered from 15/18/21/24/30% to 10/13/16/19/25%
  • Max stacks increased from 5 to 6
  • Weapon ratio reduced from 0.50 to 0.33
  • Width reduced from 3.0 to 2.0 meters
  • No longer stacks when striking turrets
  • Bug fix: Thunder Strike's skillshot is thinner and not guaranteed to hit.
Big Red Button
  • Cooldown increased from 90/85/80 to 120/115/110
  • Base damage reduced from 750/1350/1950 to 750/1250/1750
  • Crystal ratio increased from 400% to 520%

Other UpdatesKeepin' it short and sweet
  • Vainglory win streaks and game progression now grant bigger Glory rewards.
  • Turret's damage output has been increased
  • Improved responsiveness on Krul's Dead Man's Rush
  • Some fixes and balance changes for SAW
  • Frostburn, Alternating Current and Warhorn balance changes
  • Various performance improvements

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Sixx » October 21, 2014 9:42pm | Report
Awesome! No more OP Joule

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