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2.5 Update is Crashing Era

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Quote | PM | +Rep by JustPlaySomeSC » June 2, 2017 7:58pm | Report
Ever Since talents are added, my Old tablet cant handle the constant Effects of talents.
Thus I crash in Brawl modes frequently when Heroes use Flashy Ulti/Talents.

IS there anyway to resolve this?

Also There's a bug where i crash and i try to rejoin the game,
The game said needs to be update when i already updated the game.
but this is a small bug because a small reset of app can resolve this
however it does struggle me a lot because of the constant crash when Players using flashy Ultimates and talent moves in Brawl modes.

Please fix Update bug and Crashing Problem for Older devices.
Im using Ipad 1.
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Blissey123 » June 3, 2017 11:27pm | Report
The peoblem of using an old Ipad is that Vainglory is a modern game. It was released in 2014 and the first Ipad was released in 2010. I think you should buy a better ipad because of all my friends who own Ipads don't have a problem at all and they are using newer models. They have better processors for handling the flashy graphics and a better graphic card. They also have more RAM, making the game load even faster.

In my personal experience, I am using a samsung S3 which is around 4 years old, but it still manages to run the game without crashing. Maybe you just have to buy a slightly newer device. As you may know, 5v5 might come out next year. When that comes out, they need to make the compatibility of the devices higher the game will become too intense for old Ipads or tablets/phones to handle. I think that SEMC won't be able to do anything because they will always update the game and make it better, and to make the game better, they need to make the device compatibility with newer devices.

Eventually, I may have to replace my phone as vain may not run on it anymore.

I hope you understand.
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Quote | PM | +Rep by JustPlaySomeSC » June 4, 2017 2:27am | Report
Peoblem? i took that as Problem.
Anyway RIP Me because im poor,I don't know what should i do when 5v5 came out
Rip my account Has many legendary and epic skins which i spent weeks and months to get it.
I also noticing that Vainglory is really Big
I mean 1.2 GB(omg thats alot)
So i guess changing device is really only the option.

I kinda feel bad to those who are still using older devices
But i do have a temporary resolve:
Soft reset the Device and it should reduce the amount of crashes
Turn On Do not Disturb is also reducing a lot of crashes

Anyway thanks for the reply.
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Quote | PM | +Rep by MaximusPrime » June 5, 2017 1:12pm | Report
You can get rid of most of the special effects(such as the flashing every time a talent is used) in the settings for Vainglory so it won't crash as much but you should probably get a new device as all devices will eventually become out of date. If you don't have the money for a new device then you can enter the "Why I Love Vainglory" contest(check their twitter for details) for a chance to win an iPhone 7 plus.
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Quote | PM | +Rep by BLG3RNT » June 7, 2017 8:14pm | Report
Apple doesn't even support the iPad 1 anymore. It's likely you iOS that is the problem since the coding for the game is developed around the upgraded version of iOS.
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