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Kraken too op

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Knightlancer » September 19, 2016 8:17am | Report
Pls do something with the kraken, it's too strong for some of us to handle when it is unleashed.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by BLG3RNT » September 19, 2016 11:13am | Report
Really? The Kraken is supposed to be strong. It's supposed to be a game/momentum changer. The whole point of winning that objective is for it to be difficult to handle.
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Quote | PM | +Rep by MaximusPrime » September 19, 2016 10:01pm | Report
As long as your team works together and doesn't do anything stupid, you should be able to handle the kraken unless the enemy team is snowballing and you can't do anything about it.
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Hershey Lollipop » February 22, 2017 10:05am | Report
This is a joke why would anyone ever complain about the kraken?
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Quote | PM | +Rep by LilWolfPup » February 23, 2017 10:59am | Report
If you actually play with players serious about the game, the Kraken is nothing. My team can usually defeat it before it even gets to the first turret.
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