Crystal SAW, oh the 3 shot MAD Cannon! by Rehnegade

Crystal SAW, oh the 3 shot MAD Cannon!

By: Rehnegade
Last Updated: Dec 31, 2014
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Skeletor (4) | January 2, 2015 7:22am
Yeah it is VERY costly
Rehnegade | January 1, 2015 8:42pm
No you're right, The last slide is more of an Ideal end. But I have tested it in about 8-10 matches and usually you end up with 4 of the maxed items and maybe partway to a 5th. The damage isn't bad with alternating current, and it is more of a psychological warfare build, as most of the damage is ability based,so the enemy feels that they can win a fight due to the "low damage" when really a suppressing fire at close range can kill or remove 75% of their health. I should have made that more clear. Also, MAD cannon does have a large cooldown, but suppressing fire and roady run have cooldowns of about 10-15 seconds and can also do significant damage. The title was simply to catch attention. Thank you for the feedback too
Skeletor (4) | December 31, 2014 7:15am
Good guide but this wont work to costly, too weak plus mad cannon takes FOREVER to cooldown idk if u tested this but I dont believe it... sorry
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