ELO Got Stucked? Learn Solo Queue By YuHinZ(Vainglorious) #Updates with HERO tier list by YuHinZ

ELO Got Stucked? Learn Solo Queue By YuHinZ(Vainglorious) #Updates with HERO tier list

By: YuHinZ
Last Updated: Apr 7, 2015
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Greetings Vainglory Players ~~~ Top

Are you sick of those teammates who cant do anything and AFK players?
You have come to the right place

The following guide teaches you how to CARRY your team from DEFEAT to VICTORY.

It tells you in details the key points in how to carry a team, for beginners and experienced players.

From Newbies > Expert by just reading this guide for 10 minutes.

It is totally worth it. especially for beginners.

Give me a Thumbs UP if you have enjoyed reading.


After reading this guide, you will UNLOCK GOD MODE in the game and pwn your opponent.

I am YuHinZ from the EU region server IGN: YuHinZ

I am a competitive player who always wants to win, but I can also take games casually just for fun and make some plays.

I personally is a DOTA player since War3 and started LOL when it first released(beginning of season 1).
I have played so many games myself and I love counter strike. CS CS CS <3 Yes I super love CS 1.6 and CSGO.

I was not very good in LOL but I still managed to get to GOLD in ranking. :)
I played on EU west, NA and Asia servers.

My experience on MOBA is about 7 years, so its average for a 20 kid myself hehehehe.

Hero Tier List Top


Content Page

1. What is Carry?
2. How to CARRY?
3. Carry TIPS For Beginners
4. Carry TIPS For experienced players
5. Last Hitting Creeps
6. Camera LOCKING !?
7. Positioning
8. What is Minion & Gold mine?

And many more content incoming

1. What is Carry? Top

Carry is a role that you play a hero which can take your teammates to victory. In other words, you deal the most damage to slain all the enemies. (1 vs 3).

WTF !? 1v3 ?

Nah, I was joking. XDDD I mean you need to at least able to nuke down(decent damage) one of your enemies.
It is so important that you boost your attacks(basic dmg) or crystal(ability dmg). Basicly, you want to max out your damage through out the entire game.

2. How to CARRY? Top

- Farm creeps for golds. It is important that the player in the lane gets all the kills of the creeps (last hits).

- Positioning. Your positioning in a team fight on duel is important, for example: SAW's second ability - You want to get away from the AOE(area of effect) and poke him while he can't move. Then run away as he's at full spin(ultra attack speed).

- Go Lane. Laning is the most profitable and efficient position to earn EXP and GOLD. You must get all the last hits on the creeps to get the gold for items.

- Keep your items update. You need to keep spending golds and upgrade yourself. This will give you the advantage of having one or two extra item to outplay your enemy. Those little 15-30 damages really matters.

- Always have at least one defensive item with you. It is extremely vital that you stay alive to deal damage to the enemy team. If you are dead, there is lower chance of winning fights.

All of these bullet points above are the keys to succes in the game. If you can follow these key points, then you will have a greater chance of winning games.

3. Carry TIPS For Beginners Top

1. Pick an easy hero. Less control = Easy heros

You Should Pick:
--- Ringo. A range hero with high movement speed boost and attack speed. Hit and Run.
--- Koshka. A melee hero with high movement speed and fast clearing camp speed for jungle and lane.
--- Cathrine. A super tanky melee hero with stuns and high mobility.

Never Pick:
--- Adagio. He has very complex abilities which makes it hard to control.
--- Taka. A very squish hero and low attack speed. Need high level of control skill to fully use this hero.
--- Glaive. A very tanky fighter. however, his first ability can be hard to control. Also, pushing enemies away while ganking is not ideal.

2. Farm

You should always focus on your economy. In this way, you will have more gold to buy more items. When you have more items than your enemy, you are more likely to win the fights easily. Because you have probably 50 attack damage thanyour enemy.

In some situation, Killing an enemy earns only 1xx Gold, but killing a creep earns 6x Gold.
It is obvious that, you get more money by farming than ganking.


3. Never teamfights at the beginning.

Leveling in this game is important at the early game. Each ability points gives you around 80 dmg when you level an ability. So if you focus on farming and getting those EXP, benefits you more than ganking. Because the time to walk and durantion of the teamfights will probably cost you around 1xx gold in the early game. Esspecially when both teams didnt get anything out of it or one of your teammates died.

Try to ping your teammates away from the battles when you are not engaging.

4. Carry TIPS For experienced players Top

By assuming you guys know all the basics and mechanics in the game, the following bullet points helps you to develope further in the game:

- Do not lock in until everyone does. If you are the last one to lock in, you will more likely to see which type of hero is missing and needed to back the team up.

- Try to use the pings to encourage your teammates for objectives. It is nice to have these little pings to give notice to your teammates about your action.

- Abandon your teammates. Sometimes, when you see the opponent team is chasing your teammates and you dont feel you can do anything to help, but still want to make an attempt. DON'T !!!!! Because you are most likely to die with them.
I suggest you rather focus on the farms and push the lane or grab their minion mine to compensate the death.

- Check score board. You must check the enemies item all the time. This will let you know which type of damage are they building up(attack damage or crystal damage) and counter them with necessary defence item.
For example: Crystal damage SAW - His AOE attacks becomes so powerful, but his basic attack will be weaker than usual attack damage SAW.

5. Last Hitting Creeps Top

Last Hitting Creeps is the way to earn money other than killing enemy. It is important to know last hitting when you are laning, stealing jungle and steeling krakens.It is really easy to understand but there a lots of theory in it that you must know.

In vainglory, you should sometimes notice that the health bar of the creeps turn light orange. It means that you can kill the minion with your next basic attack and you want to do that because you need gold.
So basiclly its a assistance which tells you when to attack to kill and earn gold.

You can compare the colour in the picture.

However, the formula of the last hitting health bar doesnt include your crit or tension bow or the dps from (Stormguard & Warhorn). So either of these will NOT be showing to you.

6. Camera LOCKING!? Top

Yes, this game is camera locked to your hero. It is important for MOBA players to look around the map rather than just yourself. To do that, you need to place your finger onto the minimap and the camera will move to that specific place where you placed your finger at. You can slide your fingers to move the camera.

It is always better to try it yourself rather than I keep talking, so get in the game now and try.

Importance of moving the camera is to let you look around the map and look at enemies position and hp, so you can evaluate the situation to make your decision.

7. Positioning Top

After knowing to looking around the map, you are able to evaluate each teamfights, whether it is worth to fight or not.

Now, positioning is very important in a teamfight. You much find a spot where you can deal the most damage and to escape.

When you play as a range hero, you should always stay at the back and have someone to tank for you. Because you have the most damage output as you had the farms in the lane.

When you play as a melee hero, you should always check if there are teammates around you or not. If YES, Go Go Go. If NO, stay back.

Sometimes, you might just want to initiate from the back and sandwich them with your teammates.

Positioning is not something you learn in just a blink of an eye. You will pick it up after many of games and experiences. Watching some youtube is also helpful to learn it.

8. What is Minion & Gold Mine ??? Top

The mechanics of the mine is some sort of complicated to understand when you just started playing. Dont worry, I got you covered.

Minion Mine:

There are two minion mines on the map, one on each side as you guys have already played the game. It buffs your minions attack damage and HP. Also, their size. lol.

At the start of the game, minion mine is in neutral, waiting players to capture it. I would recommend not capturing it at the very beginning until the mid or mid late game. Why?

Considering you are as a laner, you always want to be safe and secured by the turret, so you are much safer to farm with the cover of turret. However, if the lane is pushed(by stronger minion), the laner would have to be in more risk to farm the creeps.

Alrernatively, if your laner is not capable of controling the lane and the turret is taking a lot of damage, take the minion mine and allow your minion does not get taken down quickly.

Gold Mine:

It is the mine in the middle of the map which it gives you the gold after capturing it. However sometimes you just dont know how much gold you earn or when is the best timing to capture it.

How much gold do I earn?

First, you want to know how much gold you earn after captuting. If you look at the minimap, you should see a circle on the gold mine spot in the minimap. It represent how much gold there are currently.

A full circle is 300 Gold
Half a circle is 150 Gold
A quater of a circle is 75 Gold

When do I get the gold???

You earn the gold everytime you capture the mine and when the mine has a full circle(you get the gold only if the mine is on your side).

You basically have two options to maximise the gold earn from the mine:
1. Capture the gold mine when the circle is nearly full.
2. Capture the gold mine no matter what and defend it.

In many cases and many different situation of taking the gold mine, there are only three scenarios which you will come to.

1. The Gold mine is neutral.
When you are taking it: focus on the burst damage on the last hit and retreat.
In most cases, you will encounter enemy team camping you for the last hit on gold mine or rush into your team and pick up kills. So try to avoid getting hit and do the gold mine quick and make sure you get the last hit. Otherwise its a lose lose.

When enemy team is taking it: focus on the gold mine health bar and burst damage on the last hit.
Initiate and harras damage on their carry or the player who is taking the gold mine aggro.

2. The Gold mine is on your side.
When the gold mine is on your side. Try to protect it when the circle is filled around three quater of the circle. The reason is because defending it at half circle will sometimes makes your team lose momentum in sustaining into team fights later. So either push the lane and farm harder to compensate the loss of gold mine.

3. The Gold mine is on enemy side.
When the Gold mine is on the enemy side, try to wait until the circle fill up to around three quater, so you get the most gold out of it. Also, try to put some mines into the enemy side of TRI bush. Vision lets you know when enemy is coming and damages get you more advantage.

Dear Vaingloryians, (Some words to my readers) You Can Skip Top

You may have seen my ranking is currently at the hotness. Im not here to show off but just a prove to you guys what skill level Im at.

The ranking is important indeed for competitive players, but dont worry if you arent at that level yet. Because it takes time.

Dont worry when you have a afk on your team. Because your karma level will go up and eventually no more afk.

Dont worry when you have a bad teammate on your team. Because you might want to take this chance to show off yourself and carry your team. Stay focus and CARRY HARD.

If you wonder how I got the hotness, I mostly play on my own and with my friend Anatomic who is a casual player but wants to win.

Also, Im trying my best to put my contents up here as soon as I have free time. Because I have a busy life. If the format is messy. Its probably that I am typing on my phone and it is difficult to adjust the format.

I wish you all have awesome experience in the game and wish you all the best luck to climb the rankings


More Coming Soon: Top

I will be keep updating this guide to cover all areas for beginners and experienced players.

Feel free to ask me questions and what you want to see in the guide.

Give me a Thumbs UP if you have enjoyed reading.

The guide is still in development

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