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Glaive: Fight or Flight

By: PartyGod
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2014
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Note: This guide was originally created by player PartyGod in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

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I haven't made a contribution lately and that's partly because i'm busy with school.
I've managed to grab some free time so i've decided to give to the Glaive lovers out there.

i love Glaive (but his voice.. eh, not so much)

Here goes:

Build Top

1) Afterburn is crucial to this guide and you must have at least a fair amount of experience with glaive. here is why we love afterburn:
a. It damages all the units in its path
b. It let's you travel a good distance and is almost instant right after choosing a direction
c. It gives you a stun at the end of the skill
d. you can pass through a few walls

wait, what? did you say, "pass through walls?"

well, yes. yes i did.

2) To start, Afterburn maybe used as an escape mechanism or as an initiator. how to pass through walls:
a. you must be at least half an inch from the wall in order to cross it
b. you can only pass through thin walls
c. in the event that you might end up stuck, just teleport back to home or die and you'll bbe ready to go again

3) Here are the spots that you may pass through using Afterburn:

a. The first picture is located near the base at the third tower. this spot allows you to get OUT and IN. you may use it as an escape or to sneak in your opponent's base.

b. The second picture is at the crystal mine. this spot is useful for quick mine steals or to finish off an opponent that has little hp left from taking the mine *cough Ringo *cough

c. The third picture shows the spot near the crystal mine

d. The fourth picture shows the area with the second large jungle creep. The blue arrow would indicate the direction you should be entering to damage the Jungle creep and cross at the same time. The red arrow indicates the path i take when i'm on the chase.
Take note: this spot is tricky, make sure you pass through the thin portion

e. The fifth picture shows the spot where the two small jungle creeps are

f. The sixth picture is a little bit more interesting. This is the Gold mine/ Kraken area.

g. The seventh picture shows the three last walls you're able to pass through and are found just at the border that separates the lane from the jungle. you may pass all three.

4) Now you know where to cross, so how do we use this to our advantage?
a. let's look at picture number six again. I'm really fond of stealing mines and the kraken, the blue arrow shows the ideal spot to pass through and make the steal. i usually like to go in with a full bloodsong stack. this way, i don't only end up stealing the Gold mine/Kraken, but it's possible to land a kill or two. The green arrow is where i usually pass when im being chased. sometimes, passing through there will male the Gold miner and kraken attack the enemy heroes. If you time it right, instead of using the Afterburn (indicated by the red arrow) to escape, i use the afterburn offensively and land a kill instead.

b. Here's a bit of a scenario. So in the event that i'm being chased, i usually lead the enemies to the bottom area. they usually follow me to the bottom and once im close to the wall, i make the jump and survive the gank.

5) Experiment! remember, there are many instances where you can use this to your advantage. so always save up a little bit of mana to make an emergency afterburn. It will save your life or score you a Pro-move kill!

6) The same thing applies to the opposite side of the Halcyon Fold since they're almost identical.

I hope this helps. See you in the game and have a nice day!

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