Hidden Stats - Kraken and Friends by BlueBadger

Hidden Stats - Kraken and Friends

By: BlueBadger
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2015
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This is only a part of a bigger guide I've been working on. To see more hidden stats, check out the full guide here!

What this guide is about Top

Though it's not always obvious, practically everything in vainglory has stats. Some of those stats are easy to find. Each items says what is does very clearly from the get-go. Hero stats can be found under the Academy tab on the app, or here on vaingloryfire. But stats for minions, monsters, creeps and krakens, turrets and anything else? Those are a little less obvious. So I sat down to do some hard science and uncover the secrets of Halcyon.

Note: all monster stats are based on practice mode - which I believe accurately reflects multiplayer.

Important Times Top

0:45 - Jungle monsters spawn
4:00 - Minion mine and Gold mine spawn. All other monsters level up to level 2.
6:00 - All monsters, including mine bosses level up. This continues every 2 minutes.
14:00 - Creeps are now level 7, Minion mine is level 6. Gold mine does not level up and stays at level 5.
15:00 - Kraken spawn!

1:20 - Time it takes for jungle creeps to re-spawn after being killed

The respawn time for jungle creeps is not consistently 1:20. For example, at the start of a match the creeps by the jungle shop respawn in 45 sec. I need to test it, but I think the respawn time for creeps goes up as the match goes on, just like it does for heros. Around 10-15 minutes in, the respawn time is approx. 1 min 20 sec.

4:00 - Time it takes for the gold mine to fill
4:00 - Time it takes for Kraken to re-spawn after capture

Welcome to the Jungle! Top

Jungle monsters (creeps)

You love 'em, you farm 'em, but now it's time to get to know each other a little bit better.

Using the damage formulas described in my first guide, I was able to calculate the armor, shield, and weapon power of all the different monsters in the jungle. For more details on how this works, check out the "How Damage Works" section of my guide. To figure out health and gold...I just counted.

Pictured: Extreme Counting!

Here are my results
Monster Basic Atk Armor Shield HP Gold
Healing-creeps 57+14 per lvl 70+10 per lvl 50+8 per lvl 490+40 per lvl 32min, 80max
Pair-of-creeps by mine 50+12 per lvl 70+10 per lvl 50+8 per lvl 350+30 per lvl 41min, 102max
Big creep by shop 57+14 per lvl 70+10 per lvl 50+8 per lvl 490+40 per lvl 32min, 80max
Little creep by shop 17+6 per lvl 70+10 per lvl 50+8 per lvl 160+10 per lvl 18min, 47max

Additional information:
Healing-creeps have two attacks; one basic that deals their Basic Dmg and two quick attacks each dealing 1/2 Basic Dmg. When you kill one of these creeps you get a short hp and energy regen.
The other jungle monster drop more gold (as shown) and also more exp than the healing-creeps.

Mines and the Kraken Top

Four minutes into the game both minion and gold mines spawn. These minion mines can be claimed to make your team's minions stronger, but first you have to beat the boss first. Gold mines give your entire team gold based on how much the dial above his head has filled (300max). If your team still owns the mine by the time the dial fills, you get the gold again!

Mine monsters appear at 4:00, and level up every 2 minutes after that (with the exception of the gold mine which seems to stay the same level from 12:00 to 15:00).

The Kraken appears at 15:00, and is the biggest boss in the game aside from an un-checked Saw. I don't think he levels up over time, but that requires more testing to be sure.

Check out their stats below. Arm yourself with knowledge!

Monster Basic Atk Armor Shield HP Gold
Minion Mine 116+18 per lvl 46+6 per lvl 33+4 per lvl 970+100 per lvl 80+30 per min, 200max
Gold Mine 114+12 per lvl 110+2 per lvl 100+8 per lvl 1800+200 per lvl up to 300
The Kraken 271 weapon + 70 true damage 400 100 ? (Gold Collected)/2 ? N/A

Pictured: Evidence of True Damage

Shields confirmed!

Because I have only tested is practice mode so far, it's quite possible that the Kraken's stats (most likely his health) change based on other game conditions like gold or time elapsed. I am fairly certain that his damage, armor and shield stay the same. However, based on trends shown by other monsters, I think it is likely that his health grows. I plan to test this further in private matches, so be on the lookout for an update!


Based on information from PlayofBeard, we now know for sure that the Kraken's HP is based on gold. I ran a few more tests, and I have feel for how the HP scales with gold. It is similar to Kraken HP = (Gold Collected)/2 - but I don't think that is it exactly. I still have a little more work to do.

Final Words Top

I am still running new tests each day, but it takes a lot of time so check back later for new data fresh off the spreadsheet. I am hoping to have info on the turrets later this week!

Have any questions? Suggestions? Leave 'em here or reach me on Twitter @vgBlueBadger.

Finally, thank you to everyone who supported my first guide. You have encouraged me to keep exploring! To answer the unanswered questions!

Until later,


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