How to win: Tips for Newbies by Zyronl

How to win: Tips for Newbies

By: Zyronl
Last Updated: Oct 8, 2014
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Introduction Top

I noticed a lot new players these days don't do these good tricks, maybe because they just don't know about it. So here I am, showing you what I know.

The Game Top

For laning: Regardless your a melee or ranged champion, ALWAYS, ALWAYS last hit. The red bars will help you, and I won't explain how to last hit now. the main thing is: if you are a squishy champion, don't try poking your enemy too much, just farm up gold. When you see good opportunities to kill your enemy though, don't miss it. Killing an enemy is about killing 4-5 creeps. It's worth it. Back when your low ( duh! ), because they will dive for you. YES. THEY. WILL. DIVE. FOR. YOU.

For jungling: Buy iron guard contact, the 250 will be earned back easily from the gold you get from it. Buy potions. Oh, and by the way, invade if there's only one enemy jungling. Don't do it if there's two. Buy mines, and place them around. Don't buy more than 3. Also, use one to put at the gold mine area, you will have vision.

Surroundings Top

ALWAYS. LOOK. AROUND. Some people might be getting the gold mine and you won't know, or the kraken, or a crystal mine. Yeah. Check the scoreboard often. If somebody bought something, it means he will be either at base OR at the area below the gold mine. So avoid there unless you want to pick a fight.

Capturing Top

Did you know? The gold mine and crystal mine are the most important items in the game. Especially the crystal mine. It upgrades your minions so pushing the lane to win will be way easier. The gold mine gives you 300 gold. And that's really important. Get it when you see a good opportunity and always make sure there is nobody around to steal.

Same with the Kraken. ALWAYS GET IT WHEN ENEMY IS ACED... Unless your the only one alive. Then no.

Dodging mines Top

You just saw somebody place a mine? Don't worry. Goto the tip of where its placed. When it is gonna explode, walk out quickly. They won't be able to grant vision of you. Best trick ever.

Watch the timer Top

When your enemy dies, watch when it respawns. It can be dangerous if your close to their base or something, so be careful.

Denying enemy comebacks Top

When you guys have a good early start, but still lose, do you wonder why you lose? Because you didn't repeat what your doing when you had a early start! For example, you invade jungle. Get kills. Then continue it! Just make sure nobody will sneak up on 3 vs 1 by placing mines and you will be O-K. If laning, keep your enemy from getting gold. It's very important. When he comes in to last hit a minion, hit him. Make sure that he learnt his lesson.

The end... ? Top

Well, it's all that I can of for now. I'll edit it to add more if I can remember more! Thanks for reading!

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