Hybrid Bully Petal by Jatalan

Hybrid Bully Petal

By: Jatalan
Last Updated: Jan 7, 2015
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Build: Jatalan's Build

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Intro Top

Hi! Jatalan here! This is my guide to playing my Hybrid Petal. On my first try with the strategy that this guide explains, I was not at all experienced with Petal and I was still very sucessful. One thing about this guide is that on some occasions this is much more effective than others. This is because this build requires quickfeed. This means that it is more sucessful when both of your teammates are jungling/roaming.

Below is some information on how to play this build and why I chose to use the items that I chose.

Gameplay Top

For this build, YOU GOTTA BE THE BULLY! Keep poking your opponents and when they are low enough, go for the kill. You can get loads of early kills and if you play correctly, you can continue to get loads of kills throughout the game. One thing about this build is that you barely ever leave the lane. I usually only leave the lane if my team needs help with the Kraken. In the mid-lategame you can usually come out on top in a 1v2 situation. You are almost non-stop pushing and you can really carry the entire lategame.

How to know if you're playing this build properly: your opponents run away at the sight of you!

Seriously though. They should.

Items: Start Top

At the start of the game you go for some strong attack damage [Heavy Steel] which works very well with Petal's amazing range. You then go for some good mobility [Travel Boots] and then some crystal damage [Heavy Prism] for Petal's Bramblethorn Munions.

Items: Middle Top

At midgame, the order in which you get your items will never be the same because you will need to adapt to what your opponents are doing. When you are getting into the late game you should have: okay health and regen [Lifespring], good attack power [Six Sins & Heavy Steel], good crystal power [Eclipse Prism & Heavy Prism] and great mobility [Journey Boots].

Items: End Top

In the end game you just want to get great attack power [Sorrowblade], great crystal power [Shatterglass], and great health and regen [Fountain Of Renewal]. If you manage to get all of these before the end of the game, do the same as in the midgame and adapt to what your opponents are doing.

Final Comments Top

All in all I think this is a very effective build because it has all of the core necessities for a build: attack, crystal and defense. I spent a lot of time perfecting it and making this guide so if you enjoyed it, please vote and comment to tell me your experiences with it and if you would like to see some more guides from me. Byyyyeeeeeee!


BTW: I went from Karma lvl 0 to lvl 8 in two weeks with this build.

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