The Roaming Catherine by FireFord

The Roaming Catherine

By: FireFord
Last Updated: Dec 23, 2014
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FireFord | December 24, 2014 3:12am
This is why as Catherine, you make sure you enter the fight FIRST. The crucible and fountain is what will help protect your team and you have a SILENCE to prevent them from doing too much damage. You only need one damage item for Catherine which is the eye of harvest and that gives you enough damage already. Trust me. Building more damage doesn't make it any better. You STUN the target that's a threat. It's not worth it to build more damage if your cooldowns are long. Your stun is a single target that has around a 10 second cooldown at max level. Your silence is used once every team fight. You build health just to make it more annoying for the enemy team because they have to deal with your CC. Your team should be smart enough to let you into the fight first. Btw, you can win 1v1s with this build so I don't really know what you mean by not enough damage. Your shield will provide enough. Anyway, thanks for checking out this build anyway. Just try out this build and if you play how I play, you will see why this build is pure fun.
ScoTheHunter (5) | December 23, 2014 9:56pm
Very tanky. But that's all. The enemy can completely ignore you and even with good use of your ultimate, which can be countered with a single item, it's basically a 2v3 in every team fight. I see a lot of new and old Catherines fall into the lure of building pure tank but without adding some damage to the line-up you're just a distracting breeze. I have no doubt you've had good results with this because Catherine is a great asset simply because of her skills and even more so if the enemy doesn't ignore Her/You however with this build its easy to ignore her and when she gets ignored you can't do a thing about it. You also say only ever to get a warhorn at end game which pretty much completely disregards the powerful passive bonuses it gives at that point in the game. The Warhorn is an amazing item for this particular hero, especially in the early game, and although there are plenty of effective ways to play without it this is not one of them and I do not wish for any current or future Catherine players to end up doing it.

That being said I thank you for taking your time to add this guide and I hope you continue to enjoy and experiment with this Hero. :)
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