Tips For A Beginner ( Outdated ) by Celestialite

Tips For A Beginner ( Outdated )

By: Celestialite
Last Updated: May 26, 2016
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Please send me ideas to add to this guide.

Minion Mines Top

First off one of the things that bugs me the most, Minion Mines. You do not need minion mines as soon as they come up. Getting the minion mines yes do give your lane minions more health and damage, and that is nice, but it will also give enemy heros in the lane more exp and gold per minion killed. Getting the minion mines early will give them a lead in the beginning and they will get enough gold to finish you off and over level you quicker. I would not recommend getting minion mines until either you get the Kracken, your opponents are down to their last 2 turrets, or if your turrets are getting pushed but only one minion mine if its because of that. Not getting minion mines until the right time will give you an advantage especially if your opponents do get one or both of them.

Ironguard Contract Top

It is recommended that there is one lane and 2 jungle. Not getting minion mines helps the lane, but how do you work the jungle. First off one person as soon as they can should get an Ironguard Contract ( usually a tank ). Let the person with the Ironguard Contract attack the minions first and let the other get the killing blow. This will let the on getting hit get health on kill as well as gold. This will also give the ally who delivered the killing blow bonus gold. With the 4 camps if both junglers share each camp will gain exp quicker than each splitting 2 camps each. Also dipping into the enemy jungle gets easier as you will always be with an ally in the jungle keeping you safer. Dipping into the enemy jungle will make it harder for the opponent junglers to get money and exp making you ahead.

Start Of The Game Invades Top

At the start of the game its usually a good idea to rush to enemy jungle and try to steal some of their camps and or kill some of their heros. Doing this will set them behind in the game for a bit and you will still have your jungle ti clear afterward. Doing this is only a good idea if you can get at least one person to go with you, though having all 3 players will help to clear the enemy jungle of heros faster.

More Coming Soon Top

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