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Vainglory Meta

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Last Updated: Apr 7, 2015
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Terms Used Top

Teamfight:Where both teams fight each other
Creeps:Enemy minions in lane or in jungle
Push:Deal damage to turrets to try and destroy turrets
Gank:Where the jungler comes up to surprise the enemy laner
Ace:All heroes of the enemy team are killed
Invade:Where the jungler goes into the enemy teams jungle and steals their creeps
Pit:The area with beige ground where the gold miner is and the kraken
Burst:Lots of damage very fastly dealt out
Squishy:A hero with very low defense.

Important Information Top

This guide will teach you all about what you need to know about Vainglory Meta for the Patch 1.3.0

First of all the main Meta has 1 ranged hero that stays up at the Lane and focuses on last hitting to earn gold to get items.The minion waves that come are the laners source of gold and the Laner does not often get gold from anywhere else.The Heroes that should be in lane are Ringo,Celeste,SAW,Petal,Skaarf,Vox and Adagio.I encourage you to try out each of these heroes in Lane and See if they appeal to you.

Next up we have the Jungler.This hero stays in the jungle and earns gold by killing the creepes that spawn in their side of the jungle.The jungle allows the junglers to come up through the brush at the bottom of the lane to gank the enemy Laner.Junglers can also venture into the enemys side of the jungle and try to attempt a kill and steal the enemys teams creeps in the jungle.Junglers can be Glaive,Krul,Joule,Vox,Koshka and Taka.

The final hero role we have to cover is the Protector.The Protecter usually starts off with an Ironguard contract unless the team is going to invade the enemy teams jungle(more on that later) in which case they would start with with a weapon or crystal item.What the protectors role guessed it is to protect their team during the game.What protectors do is that when they start off with an Ironguard Contract the Junglers travel with the protector to a creep in their side of the jungle and the Protecter takes the hits from the creep while the jungler gets the last hit to get the gold from the creep.You see Ironguard contract gives the protector 20 gold every time a minion attacks the protector 5 times and also gives the protector a nice heal buff for a short time aswell.So the Protector gets gold from the Ironguard Contract and the jungler gets gold from the last hits.It's important that this happens because if not you'll have to share the jungle resulting in less gold for both heroes in the jungle.The protectors in this game are Ardan and Catherine.

One thing to note is that sometimes instead of a jungler you will have a second Laner.When this happens this means that the protector takes the hits but the second Laner plays the role of the jungler by getting the last hit but just attacks with ranged attacks and not close ranged attacks.

Level 1 invades! Top

A popular tactic in the meta currently is a 3 person invade on the enemy teams jungle forcing them out while your teams grabs their creeps to get gold and deprive them of gold while you get more and more from your side.Now look at this see the problem here? No? Well the problem is that it's a 3 man invade so the Laner would be in the invade with them and they would be missing out on gold in the lane and not getting the equivalent gold in the invade because their not constantly last hitting and they won't be getting the gold from the creeps because that's the Junglers job to last hit the creeps in the jungle so the Laner would be wasting gold by walking back up to the lane to last-hit creeps in the lane.Not to mention the risk of getting killed in the teamfights and wasting even more gold walking back to the lane after you died.So overall don't do 3 person invades and instead do 2 man invades on 1 enemy creep in the jungle and then head back to your side and farm there.But you might not even want to invade because you'll be wasting precious gold by walking from their jungle to your jungle and the risk of dying from the enemy jungler and protector.

When to take minion mines. Top

In lower skill tiers you see people grab the minion mine right as it comes up and this is the complete wrong thing to do.This is the wrong thing to do because when you get the minion mine sure you make your minions in lane stronger but it also makes your minions worth more gold to the enemy Laner and therefore making it harder for your Laner to keep up to scratch with the enemy Laner and will eventually come to a point where the enemy Laner can just kill you without assistance from his/her team.What you should instead do is to not get the minion mine straight away no matter what and wait to capture in the mid game because that's when you will want to push the enemy lane and try to destroy turrets.

When to take Gold mine Top

Coming soon...

Early Game,Mid Game,Late Game Top

Firstly in Early game your primary focus in any role is to farm creeps as much as possible to get maximum gold for the transition into mid game.Beware of enemy's trying to invade your jungle or gank your Laner to stop you from getting gold.The team that earns the most gold in early game will have the easiest time in mid game.Early game goes until the timer gets to 13:00

Mid game is where you will want to capture the minion mines on your side and push the turrets in lane and try to get an ace to capture the gold mine.This time of the game is the most important.Whoever gets the most gold in early game will dominate the mid game and get an ace to get the gold mine and get more money.Mid Game is where you might want to consider invading the enemy jungle and stealing their creeps for extra gold if you are beind in gold from the enemy team.Mid game goes until 20:00

Late game is the time where 2-3 turrets are down on each team and the Kraken has spawned in the 'pit' and your team will be wanting to get the Kraken to finish the game.By now most players will be close to finishing their build.Late game you want to stick together with your whole team as much as possible to avoid ganks on the lane or invades in the jungle.In let game you will want to purchase many flare guns and place lots of scout traps to have vision of the enemy teams jungle.When you have vision you will be able to plan teamfights to capture Kraken and win the game.

Teamfights Top

Teamfights generally happen in late game where both teams are attempting to get an Ace to get Kraken and push the enemys lane and win the game.Teamfights are the most crucial ***pect of the game to win.In teamfights you will want your Protector(Tank)To initiate by either putting down the gauntlet if your Ardan or using merciless pursuit if your Catherine and let your jungler(Bruiser)attack the enemy Laner because they are the most squishy.When your the enemy Laner you will want to engage last in teamfights because otherwise the enemy team will target you and your team will have a hard time to do damage.The Protector's job (tanks job) is to make the enemy team focus him while his teammates deal damage to the Laner and then the jungler.Its important that you focus the Laner first or otherwise he will be a massive threat to your team later in the teamfight.The jungler should just focus on dealing out damage to their Laner and then their jungler.

Kraken Top

15 minutes into the match the Kraken will appear in the pit and replace the gold miner.When your team manages to get an ace and capture the Kraken she will march down the lane to the enemys base and destroy turrets along the way with massive damage to the turrets.When your team gets kraken you will want to march down the lane with her because otherwise the enemy team will have an easy time killing the kraken.The Kraken has a lot of HP and can usually take 2 turrets unassisted by the teammates.When the enemy team kills the kraken their team will receive 500 gold to spend at the shop.The Kraken returns to the pit 4 minutes after it dies.

Contested Objectives Top

Contested objectives is where both teams are competing for either the Gold mine or kraken with both teams wanting to get the last-hit to get either the 300 gold if the gold miner or the kraken.When your attempting to get a contested objective it's usually our of desperation to win the game or to get the gold lead.When attacking the gold mine or Kraken you will want to save your burstiest amount of damage for when it's nearly captured or defeated.Good stealers for contested objectives or Celeste with her ult,Vox with his ult,adagio with his ult,petal with her ult and Glaive with his afterburn.

Jungle Shop Top

The jungle shop sits in between both sides of the jungle and let's any team use it.The jungle shop is a very risky place to shop because of the enemy team able to surprise you when your shopping and you having to react very quickly and most likely will result in you dieing.Thats why you put scout traps in the enemy teams bush the near the shop so you know if their shopping there or not.

Scout Traps Top

Coming soon...

Concluding Comments Top

Hopefully I taught you a couple of things in this guide and you can expect more stuff about in depth aspects of the game.


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