VG Ability: Arc Recursion

Arc Recursion

Hero: Varya | Slot: B|24s/23s/22s/21s/20s|200/200/200/200/200
After gathering power for 0.9s, Varya's next two move commands will instantly dash in the chosen direction, striking the 3 nearest enemies at the end of each dash. For each enemy struck, Varya recovers 5% of her energy and gains a barrier equal to 3% of her health (bonuses doubled on heroes).
  • Overdrive: Varya moves further with each dash.
  • Varya can dash at any time, but will only dash once if she has not fully charged.
  • Varya can activate Stormforged Spear at any time during this ability. Any remaining dashes will trigger after the spear is thrown.
  • Deals reduced damage to minions.
Damage: 40/70/100/130/190 (60% Crystal Ratio)

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