VG Ability: Death From Above

Death From Above

Hero: Skye | Slot: C|30/24/18|70/90/110
Active: Skye fires a salvo of missiles at a chosen location near her locked target. After a 1.3 second delay, the missiles rain down on that location, stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds. Enemies still in the area afterward are slowed and take crystal damage. Aiming directly on your locked target rains down the missiles in a cluster. Aiming away from your locked target rains them down in a line across the target's path. This ability can only be activated when Skye has a locked target. Deals 40% damage to structures & bosses.

Passives: Each ability point in Death from Above increases Skye's target-lock range.
Duration: 2/3/4
Damage/sec: 250/300/350 (50% Crystal Ratio)
Slow: 55%/60%/65%
Range Bonus: 2/4/6

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