VG Ability: Julia's Gift

Julia's Gift

Hero: Ardan | Slot: Heroic Perk
Ardan benefits from purchasing health items.
  • Whenever Ardan takes damage, he heals for 0.8% of his missing health, but no more than 75% of the damage taken.
  • Instead of energy, Ardan uses a yellow meter called Vengeance. Vengeance builds over time and can also be gained with basic attacks, critical strikes and abilities.
  • Because Ardan doesn't need regular energy, 5% of bonus energy and 50% of bonus energy recharge are converted to crystal power.

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InfuriatedBrute (16) | February 4, 2015 5:19am
It's important to note that while Ardan does get crystal power from energy items, it's not very much.

For example, a void battery costs 750 gold, but it only gives Ardan as much crystal power as a crystal bit, while costing 2.5 times as much.
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