VG Ability: Lion's Might

Lion's Might

Hero: Leo | Slot: C|80s/65s/50s|100/125/150
Leo briefly charges his blade then jumps in target direction, damaging enemies in the area and empowering himself with Lion's Might for 6s, granting additional effects on his other abilities. If there are enemy heroes near Leo, he instead uses Lion's Fury, shoving all enemy heroes in target direction before leaping to them and unleashing two great strikes on them.
  • Lion's Might - Crushing Strike: Deals bonus damage and causes enemies to bleed for 3s.
  • Lion's Might - Jet Cyclone: Deals bonus damage and roots enemies instead of slowing them.
Damage: 150/225/300 (150% Weapon Ratio)
Damage / Sec: 50/80/110 (50% Weapon Ratio)
Total Damage: 250/375/500 (150% Weapon Ratio)
Bonus Damage: 10%/15%/20%

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