VG Hero: Adagio


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Captain
Role: Protector

685 (+147.55)
Health Regen
2.18 (+0.26)
400 (+35)
Energy Regen
2.67 (+0.23)
Weapon Damage
75 (+3.82)
Attack Speed
100% (+2%)
25 (+4.55)
20 (+3.18)
Attack Range
Move Speed


Arcane Renewal
Slot: Heroic Perk

Whenever enemies burning with Arcane Fire take damage from any source, Adagio regenerates 25% of that damage as energy.

Gift of Fire
Slot: A

Heals a target ally, then splashes Arcane Fire onto nearby enemies. If Adagio heals himself, he'll also apply a heavy slow to nearby enemies.

Arcane Fire (status effect):
Burns the target every second and causes Adagio's other abilities do deal more damage.
  • Burst heals the target instantly, followed by a gradual heal over the next few seconds.
  • Burst Heal is increased by 9% of Adagio's bonus health.
  • When cast on self, slows nearby enemies by 70% for 0.9s.
  • Resets basic-attack cooldown on activation.

Agent of Wrath
Slot: B

Temporarily boosts an allied hero's next several basic attack for 6s.
  • Deals bonus damage to enemies afflicted by Arcane Fire.
  • Bonus damage is increased if Adagio casts this spell on himself.
  • Resets basic-attack cooldown on activation.

Verse of Judgement
Slot: C

Adagio channels for 2s then deals heavy damage to all enemies in a wide ring around him. Enemies burning with Arcane Fire are also stunned.
  • Adagio temporarily gains fortified health while channeling.

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