VG Hero: Celeste


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane
Role: Mage

649 (+125.36)
Health Regen
2.23 (+0.23)
380 (+32)
Energy Regen
2.53 (+0.21)
Weapon Damage
Attack Speed
100% (+2.27%)
25 (+4.55)
20 (+3.18)
Attack Range
Move Speed

Above Boiling Bay

Above the noxious halcyon smog that burps its way out of Boiling Bay, the sun sets in dirty oranges and reds. Through the haze that roils a mile inland, giant churn cranes wander, their heads poking up above it to breathe, making valleys that fold in on themselves and disappear. By nightfall, the ground will be packed with the Taizen teenaged underground, shoulder to shoulder, breathing through gas masks. Atop the Carnie Wheel, though, the twins breathe easy.

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The Masker Rage

From the top of the Carnie Wheel, it takes Celeste and Vox five seconds to fall. For a moment, Celeste flails, her hands pinwheeling through empty air, her mind still trying to save her. But then, falling from that great height, past the swirling magic of her own design, she accepts her fate. In four full seconds, every bone in her body will splinter. Her annoyingly overprotective father had been right all along, and there's nothing to be done for it.

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