VG Hero: Churnwalker


Attack Type: Melee
Position: Captain
Role: Warrior

863 (+171.45)
Health Regen
4.05 (+0.25)
380 (+32)
Energy Regen
2.38 (+0.21)
Weapon Damage
80 (+7.73)
Attack Speed
100% (+2%)
35 (+5.91)
25 (+4.55)
Attack Range
Move Speed


Futility of Life
Slot: Heroic Perk

  • Whenever chained victims take damage from any source, Churnwalker regenerates 20% of that damage as health.
  • Whenever any chained victim takes damage, 30% of that damage is conferred on all other chained victims.

Hook & Chain
Slot: A

Churnwalker throws a skillshot hook that damages, briefly slows and chains victims to him.
  • Chained heroes take damage over time.
  • If a chained victim can get far enough away, the chain will break.
  • Landing a hook will reset this ability's cooldown. (Chained victims cannot be hit by a hook.)
  • Overdrive: Increases the max range of the hook and the chain's damage over time.

Slot: B

Torment yanks all chained victims toward Churnwalker a fixed distance, damaging them.
  • Overdrive: Yanks victims closer to Churnwalker.

Slot: C

Churnwalker channels Churn power for a short time, then travels to the target location, stunning all chained victims and breaking all chains.
  • Churnwalker requires a chained target to cast this ability.

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