VG Hero: Ishtar


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane
Role: Warrior

666 (+145)
Health Regen
186 (+25)
Energy Regen
Weapon Damage
Attack Speed
100% (+3.3%)
25 (+4.45)
25 (+4.45)
Attack Range
Move Speed
Demonic Decree
Slot: Heroic Perk

Ishtar's basic attacks are imbued with demonic energy that deal crystal damage.
  • Damage: 75-163 (level 1-12) (+28% crystal power) (+100% weapon power)

Ishtar can summon and control Living Blades. Every time she performs a basic attack, each Living Blade within range will also perform a basic attack targeting the same enemy.
They have the following properties:
  • Living Blades deal 10 (+30% crystal power) on each basic attack. Living Blades that strike the same target deal 25% after the first.
  • It takes 4 separate attacks to kill a Living Blade.
  • Living Blades take damage from abilities and are granted 25% of Ishtar's defensive stats.
  • Living Blades take damage equal to 75% of their max health from turrets.
  • If Ishtar is too far away from the Living Blades, they will disappear.

Shadow Razor
Slot: A

Ishtar fires a Living Blade toward a target location, dealing damage to all enemies that it passes through. If there are any other Blades on the battlefield, they will also dash towards the target location. If they strike the same target, it will deal 25% damage after the first.

Only four Living Blades can be present. If all four are currently active then Shadow Razor will instead command all of them to move towards the target location.

Blade Whirl
Slot: B

Ishtar and all Living Blades perform a spinning slash, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies. If this successfully hits a target, Ishtar will gain a movement speed boost for a short period of time. If this ability strikes the same target, it will deal 25% after the first.

Passively this ability grants bonus attack speed per level.

Slot: C

Ishtar destroys all existing Living Blades before creating four new ones near her.

Additionally she becomes empowered for a short time, granting her bonus vampirism and movement speed. Basic attacks will now also fire two projectiles that deal 50-94 (level 1-12) (+20% crystal power) (+55% weapon power) and separately apply basic-attack effects.

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