VG Hero: Magnus


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane
Role: Mage

648 (+128.82)
Health Regen
380 (+32)
Energy Regen
Weapon Damage
80 (+7.09)
Attack Speed
100% (+2.27%)
25 (+4.55)
20 (+3.18)
Attack Range
Move Speed


Arcane Rite
Slot: Heroic Perk

Whenever an enemy is hit by any of Magnus's abilities, they are afflicted with an Arcane Mark for 4s. Magnus's abilities have bonus effects when hitting enemies afflicted with Arcane Mark.

Additionally, Magnus can basic attack an afflicted target, consuming the Arcane Mark and exploding it for 50-180 (level 1-12) (+100% crystal power) bonus crystal damage.

Mystic Missile
Slot: A

Magnus fires a magic missile in the target direction, dealing crystal damage to the first target hit.
  • Hitting an enemy with Arcane Mark scatters the missile to all other nearby targets.

Chrono Driver
Slot: B

Magnus sends a disc of time in the target direction that returns to him, dealing crystal damage to all targets it passes through.
  • Hitting enemies with Arcane Mark briefly stuns them.

Seraphic Flare
Slot: C

Magnus gathers arcane energy in the target direction for 1s, dealing crystal damage to all targets in the area afterwards.
  • Deals 50% bonus damage to enemies with Arcane Mark.
  • If an enemy hero dies within 0.3s of getting hit by this ability, they will explode in Arcane Magic, launching Mystic Missile to all nearby targets.

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