VG Hero: SAW


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane
Role: Sniper

683 (+121.82)
Health Regen
2.40 (+0.25)
150 (+15)
Energy Regen
1.00 (+0.11)
Weapon Damage
50 (+5)
Attack Speed
100% (+1%)
25 (+4.55)
20 (+3.18)
Attack Range
Move Speed
Spin Up
Slot: Heroic Perk

Every basic attack gives SAW increased attack speed, but it also significantly decreases his move speed.
  • Each basic attack grants SAW +15% attack speed.
  • Each basic attack decreases SAW's move speed by -0.09
  • Max 12 stacks.
  • After 3.5s without basic attacking, SAW rapidly spins down.

Roadie Run
Slot: A

SAW sprints & switches to a melee combat knife. If SAW stabs someone, he will deal bonus damage based on the target's missing health and roll backwards.
  • Activating this ability clears all stacks of Spin Up.
  • Crystal power will boost the run speed, up to a maximum of +3.

Suppressing Fire
Slot: B

SAW fires a hurricane of bullets in a set direction for 2s, damaging and slowing enemies in its path.
  • Finishing this ability grants all stacks of Spin Up and resets the cooldown of Roadie Run.
  • Pressing the button again will end Suppressing Fire early.

Mad Cannon
Slot: C

SAW fires an explosive shell, dealing damage to nearby enemies when it explodes.

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