VG Hero: Silvernail


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane
Role: Sniper

745 (+130)
Health Regen
2.32 (+0.47)
203 (+37)
Energy Regen
2.36 (+0.26)
Weapon Damage
74 (+4.18)
Attack Speed
100% (+3.3%)
25 (+4.55)
20 (+3.18)
Attack Range
Move Speed


Double Shot
Slot: Heroic Perk

Silvernail loads an extra bolt every 4s which can be expended to chain a follow-up basic attack, dealing 35% damage.
  • Attack speed reduces load time.

Slot: A

Silvernail plants an inactive Stake into the ground. Tripwires form between nearby inactive Stakes, activating the Stakes.

Tripwire: Enemies crossing through will be briefly slowed, silenced, and take damage.
  • Silvernail can maintain up to 3 inactive Stakes at a time.
  • This ability has 2 charges.

Caustic Blessing
Slot: B

Silvernail lobs a flask which damages, burns and reveals enemies caught in the blast for 4s.
  • Refreshes Double Shot upon casting.
  • Deals reduced damage to minions.

Slot: C

Passive: Double Shot damage increased.

Activate: Silvernail fires a piercing bolt, dealing damage to and dragging enemies along with it.
  • Enemies who collide with a Tripwire, wall, or structure are stunned and take bonus damage.

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