VG Item: Contraption


Contraption | Category: Utility | Tier: 3 | Cost: 2100

+350 Max Health
+40% Cooldown Speed
+2 Energy Recharge

Activate: Target yourself to place a Scout Trap. Target the ground farther away to fire a Flare. 5s cooldown. 3 charges max. 20s per charge.

Tip: A great way to save inventory space while still being able to control vision around the map.

Flare Gun
+250 Max Health

Activate: Fire a flare. 5s cooldown. 2 charges max. 20s per charge.

Tip: Use this to avoid being ambushed, especially in the late game.
+200 Max Health
+15% Cooldown Reduction
+0.75 Energy Recharge

Tip: Cooldown speed increases the speed at which your abilities come off the timer.
+7.5% Cooldown Reduction
+0.25 Energy Recharge

Tip: Cooldown reduction the time it takes for your abilities to come off the cooldown timer.

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SkyPirateShini (3) | January 13, 2017 9:03am
The cooldown will not be reduced. Any item that reduces cooldown only does so on abilities.
JonnyItaly | January 13, 2017 7:25am
will the cooldown of 20s be reduced if I buy a nother Hourglass ?
Lucerna | September 9, 2015 4:18am
For all playing support characters, esp. Ardan, I highly recommend this as a core t3 item, more so over warhorn in fact. It gives vision to your team, but 200 less health than warhorn in exchange for a cooldown acceleration and energy recharge buff which proves to be much more handy for support tanks that rely on their skills aka Ardan, Catherine etc
DareDevill | June 1, 2015 10:30am
I never a fan of storm guard but this changes everything! Awesome item
Malgus23 (5) | May 29, 2015 8:27am
It does damage to all nearby enemies. This item is confusing but awesome!
JayWizz (1) | May 28, 2015 7:54am
splash damage what is that?
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