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Just your average Vainglory player. I mainly play ranked and like to help people here. Pm me if you want a guide made or something. I can play any role needed although I prefer the following heroes down below. Currently trying to bring Corpus into the game.

gah busy with so much, will be active if possible and I intend to update all of my guides but no time ;-;

IGN: MaximusPrime
Region: NA
Rank: Vainglorious Bronze(until soloq makes me drop)[/color]
Mains: Kinetic, Malene, Ardan
"In order to succeed, you must first believe that you can." -Nikos Kazantzakis

Quote of the Week: "You may not be able to choose your allies, but you can definitely choose your fights" -MaximusPrime

See you on the Fold!

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