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Reim omg I can't

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Quote | PM | +Rep by peksecutionr » May 17, 2016 12:22pm | Report
You've got to play to Reim's strengths. He's definitely a character that you need to synergize with your roam early (through level 6 for sure) if you want to be successful, otherwise you have to just focus on jungling. I love playing him, even after the recent nerf, and he can still be a huge thorn in the other team's side.

Random thoughts on Reim:
- practice aiming his spires to where minions/heroes are going to be. If you play Celeste at all, it's the exact same skill.

- Reim's innate advantage is his fortified health gain. He gains this by basic attacking in combination with his abilities. For me this means doubling down on any crystal power AND attack speed items. He's somewhat similar to Krul in that way. This is also why you need to synergize with your roamer early in game - together you can dominate, but if you intentionally play off each other's skills.

- boots are handy, and I'll get the first set early, but then I favor as much crystal and attack speed as I can buy until I have to buy something else. You can wait usually until level 10+ to upgrade any higher, as with Reim you WANT to engage in melee combat. That's how you get your life steal.

- when do you have to buy something else? When you keep getting smoked by the other team because they're targeting you and your roam is being a useless dingbat (e.g. a 'jungling' Catherine). A little bit of defense can go a looooong way with Reim, or a Fountain/Warhorn - something that pulls your life up when you've sustained heavy damage.

- done right, late game Reim can nearly single handedly take on an enemy team. Overload on crystal, work with your teammates on rooting heroes in place, and then use your aiming skills to drop a spire right on their exit path from being rooted.

- just remember, with Reim, you want to engage heroes up close with as fast an attack speed as you can in order to get your fortified health. Always be jungling with him. He's good for ganking in the lane against specific heroes OR with specific laners/roamers. If it's not working, don't worry about. Jungle jungle jungle and focus on living to late game and OP CP. For me he's solid early game - I've even laned with him effectively - but he's best mid to late game.

- last thought re: how to engage with Reim. I frequently try to bait heroes in with his ice crystal thing - get them to come to me (or my roamer). What you're doing is setting them up to come to your next ice crystal or rooting attack. Because you're slow, most heroes will run right up to you or towards you, so use it against them. Draw them in, let your roamer move forward to engage, and double back towards them while throwing crystals at them or waiting for them to try and run as they realize they were attacking you, now they're attacking your roamer, but are taking damage from both and can't win so gotta go. That's when you root and then send a spire on their exit path. The buff to Reim's spire distance (his A ability, not his C) can really help you 'fence' heroes.

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