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Advance Crystal SAW Builds & Tips

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Last Updated: Aug 21, 2014
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Introduction to SAW Top

Note: This guide was originally created by player ArcuateAxeMkII in the official Vainglory forums. ArcuateAxeMkII is the author; the admins just helped make it available on VaingloryFire.

First, good afternoon to every member of this forum just finished this guide after some delay. so here's SAW quick overview

Introduction to SAW

SAW is a ranged powerful hero who able to deal massive damage behind good teammates. Due to his heroic perk, add some high raw damage and you're good to go. But, what crystal SAW could do? Well....MANY THINGS next, I'm going to show you guys his skill set

SAW first skill. It's good for escaping a gank or chasing some dying enemies although still questionable, from my experience, crystal-build SAW roadie run's ms boost is greater than weapon SAW XP that's why I always build my SAW a crystal-based hero. Although his basic attack becomes pretty dull

SAW main harassing skill. In crsytal build . Will be the most damaging skill next to mad cannon XD

SAW ultimate yeah this skill do benefit from crystal item too.

Building SAW - Step by Step Top

Quick Survival Tips for SAW Top

First, never initiate a fight alone. SAW is dangerous, but squishy. He needs someone to protect him from being targeted. Wait for ur guardian catherine or any melee heroes to fight by ur side

Secondly, suppressing fire has very long range. So, use this to it advantage and kill some dying heroes who think that they r safe regenerating potions within their tower

Third, always load ur mad cannon shells when its cooldown is off. Will be pain in the *** for ur enemy when u always firing shells that do splash damage XD

That's all for my guide sorry accident happens to me earlier to clean this

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