Biginners guide for double crit ringo by Shlok6203

Biginners guide for double crit ringo

By: Shlok6203
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2017
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Build: Beginners build for wp crit ringo

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Intro Top

Hi, my name is shlok Desai and my ign is shlok09.
This build is an extract of "wp double crit ringo". So if you are not a beginner and familiar with laneing then check my original guide out. But if you are a beginner to vainglory or laning this build can help you a lot. The abilities and full build is in the original guide.

Anyways on with the guide.

How to lane Top

There are a few things that you need to know, they are:

While attacking turrets without your teammates always wait for the turret to target the minion and then attack the turret. Never go in first, you will die. But in the late game when your team gets an ace it is ok to attack the turret with your roam soaking the damage. Your team will also need enough damage side turrets gain a very strong barrier when the attack heroes.

In the first few minutes always stay behind your part of the ring which is in the middle of the lane. With the new change in the jungle shop( it spawns after 4 mins you are susceptible to ganks( when the roam and the jungles invade the lane to get a kill). So be careful.

Since the jungle shop spawns at 4 mins don't be scared to go home to get that heavy steel or some defence. But make sure that one of your teammates is covering up the lane for you.

Anachronism effective way too stay safe is to make your roam babysit you( basically stay in the lane and protect you)

How to gank using crit ringo Top

The ideal jugglers for a gank are:


There are also other junglers but the most effective ones during ganks are ones who have cc( crowd control i.e an ability that can stun, move or displace a hereo) such as the ones given above.

So now suppose your jungler is glaive. So first you alow the enemy leaner to push into your side of the lane. Then glaive can afterburner the enemy leaner into your turret. So now the enemy leaner will gain extra damage from the turret and in the late game this is very scary. Once the enemy laner is pushed into your turret he/she is practically dead. But what if the enemy laner has a reflex block and blocks the afterburn. Then what? Then you will have to slow the enemy laner using you a ability and chase him down and kill him.

How to be an effective laner Top

There are many things you need to master to be an effective laner.
    Last hitting
    This is a very important skill because you only get gold from minions only if you get the last hit. When th health bar of the minion turns bright red it means that your one basic attack will be enough to get the last hit on the minion. You can master this skill through practicing so don't forget to play gold rush under practice section.
How to deny the enemy laner of farm
Your main objective while laning is to get plenty of farm and trying to deny the enemy laner of getting his farm. There are many to do this:

1. By pushing your minions into the enemy turret so that your minions are killed by the enemy turret hence denying him/her of farm. You can go this be clearing the enemy minions very fast.

-this guide is not yet complete-

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