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Catherine of Awesome

By: Naglfar
Last Updated: Dec 27, 2014
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About me Top

I'm Naglfar, player from the European Region and playing mainly Catherine for over 200 wins.
I'm going to try to make a guide simple and readable for almost everyone.

Meta Game Top

- It doesn't exist the ultimate guide for any hero.
- There is a specific guide and build for every single match you plays.
- Builds are dependent of your team composition and the enemy team composition.
- Builds are dependent of your teammates build and the enemy team build.
- Item acquisition chronology changes depending the match you are playing.
- Everything you do, including where you are at the min 2:12 and which mob are you killing in the jungle or which enemy hero you're harassing, all that will impact directly in the development of the match.
- If you takes advantage of what your teammate is doing instead of doing something without sharing the purpose, you're building a factor called synergy.
- The Synergy will make ordinary skills and scenarios become stronger of what they used to be separated.
- Investing efforts in involve the whole team in doing one goal will make it succeed easier.
- A team becomes stronger when everyone knows that taking an individual decision involves the whole team success or failure.
- After being aware that your actions are going to impact directly in all of your teammates you should start to plan together which is the most interesting thing that your team got to focus every second.
- A great team has to read and learn about the enemy team gameplay in live and react together putting efforts to go in the same direction. After the feedback, learn of it.
- All that said is reachable with the practice, no matter your innate skills.
- The worst enemies of a player are the arrogance, vanity and impatience. Avoid them to succeed.
- Remember that the main reason for play when you wants to improve is the improvement of the team.
- To play with the same teammates is a must if you want to succeed and have fun playing.
- Playing with voice communication it's a must.

In-game Top

- Starting aggressive or defensive depends on your team composition and the enemy team composition. Both are ok.
- Keep an eye on your mini map and at what your teammates needs.
- You've been made to highlight your teammates and make them shine more than usual, try to think of what they would need from you at any moment.
- You can't help your teammates if your teammates doesn't help you giving you feedback of what they feels or needs at anytime.
- The feedback and information in live is a must if you wants to perform beautiful.

About Items Top

- Core items are almost always a "must have" no matter of your teammates or enemy team build/comp.
- Situational Items are a good choice depending teammates and enemy team builds/comp.
- Early game items are cool at almost any start.

About Skills Top

- Merciless Pursuit 5/5 because of stun duration.
- Blast Tremor 3/3 because of silence duration.

About Weaknesses and Strengths Top

- Strengths: All.
- Weaknesses: Those you didn't find yet how to making up for with the strengths of your teammates.
- This never is about 1v1, 2v2, 1v2, 1v3.
- For me it doesn't exists the weaknesses individually 1v1 because these are abstract situations.

Personal Tips Top

- Practice and play is FREE and casually the factor that makes you become better, so take use of it.
- Avoid the standard called "teen behavior" if you want to improve and become better in things related with teams.
- Arrogance, Vanity and Impatience are the worst enemies of a gamer, avoid them.
- Try to be constructive, non toxic, and friendly to your teammates, they're a mirror, the things you bring them they will return you back.
- Try to be critic with yourself. Be happy if you noticed that you was doing a mistake, that means you will fix it and you will no longer keep failing.
- The day you does a mistake is a beautiful day, you have something to work to become better, is all that you wants. The day you don't notices about a mistake is a bad day, you didn't improved.
- If you're starting to play and you're failing (a.k.a losing) everything is going ok, it's what you expected, you have to be happy. The more newest you are, the more mistakes you will do.
- If you're starting to get serious climbing the skill tier, looking for people who play and improve with in twitter/facebook/forums/line/social active and social.

P.S: I'm also promoting this Team project in EU. //

Me in Social Networks Top

FB: Max Culebra
Line: naglfar4

Extra Ball: I bring you this beautiful picture of (Hallu Dolci) in twitter, she's an amazing drawer as you can see here and also does an amazing VainGlory art pieces like this one that i really love it.

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