CP Alpha guide [2.3] by Xavier130

CP Alpha guide [2.3]

By: Xavier130
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017
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Faey (18) | April 15, 2017 11:24pm
This is by far the shortest yet most useful Alpha guide I have seen. I used to play WP Alpha a lot until I got used to it and decided to go CP, I realised my play style and knowledge is very similar on Alpha. However, I disagree Taka should be ignored by Alpha. You should try to kill Taka first especially if the Taka is WP. A good Taka will Kaiten over your Prime Directive or Termination Protocol and then keep bursting you down, with a stronger sustain than you because of Kaku. In fact, I made a guide for Taka though a bit outdated
You can refer to the guide if you want to learn how Tier 5 people play Taka. Keep in mind, CP Taka can burst and disappear and burst and disappear and..., while WP Taka has a decent sustain, high constant damage (thanks to House Kamuha) and a higher mobility(again, thanks to House Kamuha) and like Alpha, all of his abilities are gap closers. Do not underestimate a good Taka. He is off meta now and few can play him well, but if you see one, observe and alter your play style. To counter him, Flare and ping your team to hunt him. He is super slippery especially CP. Your team must have at least one stunner and one strong chaser(you) to counter Taka well. Everyone should get Flare, don't simply rely on your captain.

I main Taka, Blackfeather, Celeste, Vox, all Roams except for Phinn.
BossBoy (12) | April 15, 2017 8:08pm
Simple but good guide!
I think the coding of the picture of Alpha's ability have a problem
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