Crystal/Tank build (EASY TO USE) by Mets9692

Crystal/Tank build (EASY TO USE)

By: Mets9692
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2016
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Honestly, you need to be a good roamer. You need to be able to assess your whole team's situation, and save your teammates. Don't be selfish and save yourself, but you probably won't die anyways. People build weapon with flicker, but honestly that's just a waste of time.

Build Tank early on Top

You'll be able to do damage later on, so be patient. You should definitely try to have an ADC near you at all times, in order to protect them and yourself. Always build crucible, lifespring, then armor/sprint depending on which is more important at the moment, and whether or not your opponents have built boots early on.

Crystal Top

After getting your 4 core items: Crucible, Lifespring, War Treads, Metal Jacket/Aegis, you need to start building shatterglass up if you already hadn't. It's okay to buy one crystal bit during your Health build up, and you could already see the damage output added on with it. With a shatterglass with +150 crystal damage, you'll be unstoppable.

How to Play lategame (when you shine :) Top

By the time you get shatterglass, it honestly doesn't matter what you get. You could even get weapon damage output, and it wouldn't matter (but not recommended). I recommend EYE OF HARVEST: slows enemies down, and gives life steal (MAJOR PLUS)
IMPORTANT ==> Because you have high health, try to stay in the middle of the enemies. You can soak the damage, and use crucible and lifespring as you see fit. The reason why I say to stay in the middle is because of your second ability, which is AOE, and does gradual damage, and burst at the end. Your first ability should do even more damage with shatterglass, and you are basically a walking tank.

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