Evil Adagio Support Build by Lusunu

Evil Adagio Support Build

By: Lusunu
Last Updated: Jan 3, 2017
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Build: Evil Adagio Support Build

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Introduction Top

So, this is a giant support build. All of it is geared towards healing your allies. Late-game, this gets to the point where you're going to have so many ways to pritect your allies it'll be hard to determine which one to use. To help counteract that problem, I've given you a breakdown of the abilities and their effects at the bottom of the page. Anyways, you're going to be a giant supporter that also happens to have around 5,000 health or so, so, you know, clearly what your team needs now is more defense xD. Anyways, let's go ahead and take a look at the build.

Off of Spawn Top

So, you have a couple of options going off of spawn. The first one is what I do, but if you want to do either of the other option builds, go for it. The third option is especially smart when you're planning on going lane alone and you also want to be able to go and help your team when needed. The second is if you have a weaker jungler who you're worried about.

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