I Ain't Got Time To Bleed by Jimmywhat

I Ain't Got Time To Bleed

By: Jimmywhat
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2015
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Dust Off Top

Just like in the movie Predator (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger - to whom I assimilate quite profoundly to Saw) my game rolls in a similar manner. It's very do or die. Be smart. Be hard. Be fierce. This build can work for and can work against you and over its "BETA Stage" saw me dying up to 20 times a game... Pardon the pun... Only recently with some help from a good friend @Bananaz was I able to perfect it. The trick is in moving fast and maintaining a presence between jungle and lane. Saw is naturally a slow character, but by focusing on speed as a secondary skill behind heavy weapons, he soon becomes a phantom - darting between bushes and from battle to battle.

I digress, first things first to build up coin and SAVE IT! Only spend when you have too... This was one undoing as I kept trying to upgrade everything at once and ended up with nothing to show for it...
Get a Weapon Blade for damage and Sprint Boots for speed. This along with a couple of Halcyon Potions will help you stay in the lane for the first part of the game, and also let you escape into the jungle if mates needs some back up.

Itchy Fingers Top

This is like the secret level... Instead of trying to go for Sorrowblade upgrade straight away, I sit on 2 Heavy Steels... Doesn't add up numerically in weapon damage, but frees up cash flow to upgrade speed with both firing rate and foot speed with Blazing Salvo and Journey Boots. Use your spare change on an Energy Battery and an Hourglass keep yourself firing.

With the added health bonuses of upgrading you kicks this early, you can amass some big kill tallies...which leads on to the next chapter...

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor Top

2 Heavy Steel's bring the price of Sorrowblade down to a very quick and affordable upgrade into Kraken o'clock... Keep your coins for Eve Of Harvest. This is the key to this build... With it you become unstoppable... Without it you become meat in a mincer... I'll let you figure out why when you play it... Also get the best pair of boots you can to stack on your Journey Boots (usually Travel Boots) at this stage if the Kraken has been unleashed by your team and ruined the enemies entire defence network, you can quite literally cross the arena in about 6 seconds and sniper their Vain Crystal before anyone knows your in the camp...
If not KILL BURN MAIM!!! Go to town on anything that walks and you're allowed to kill. Build your bank up again and concentrate on moving smart around the board, hitting mines when the enemy "gangs and pushes" leaving their backyard unlocked. Sneaking behind enemy lines is not only rewarding and advantageous for your team but also good fun to see your enemies realise mid battle that they have lost a mine. By the time they can react, you're either sandwiching them between your team members or have disappeared without a trace. Even if you do get caught, with stacked boots and heavy weapons you've still go a pretty good chance of getting away...

Game Over Top

Is literally just that... Upgrading Blazing Salvo to Bonesaw and Hourglass or Chronograph to Clockwork your Weapon Damage, Energy, Crystal Damage, Fire Rate, Foot Speed and Reload Speed are now maxed out... This is just a bit of fun to toy with the enemy before dropping the bomb on them, whipping them from the face of the Halcyon Fold then you get to fly off in a helicopter into the sunset with a pretty damsel under your arm... Or is that just me?

Have fun with this build, once you get a hold of balancing stealth with stand and deliver you'll enjoy Saw a lot more than you used too...

See ya in The Fold...

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