Immortal CP Adagio by SeraphimWrath

Immortal CP Adagio

By: SeraphimWrath
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017
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Lance lance can be problem early game because he stay in lane bush most of the time so dont over extend and he can stunned or push you while you use your ult.
Catherine Catherine Can Stunned Adagio While he use his ult so always use Reflex Block or Crucible when Adagio use his ult
Taka Taka will be a problem early game and Mid Game because he can just use his Ult and use his B to get out but , if you farm good is good and if your allies stay near you , you can kill him easily.
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Early Game Top

With Adagio CP lane, you would want to buy 1 Crystal Bit and 1 Swift shooter and 1 Halcyon Potion at the start of the match, you should always start up with his A(Gift Of Fire) because it can heal you and help you regenerate energy faster. In This New Update 2.1 you and Your team mates should go to the Jungle Shop , where a "Big Treant" spawn. After The Early game engangement, you would want to go back to lane and focus on Last hitting instead of last hitting because team with the most gold will most likely to win the match. If you have a Captain(roam)that can tank alot of damage, always heal him because He/She stay in front and you can Heal while pressuring the Enemy Team. CP Adagio is little Squishy so you would always want Captain and Jungler near him.

Mid-Game Top

After farming quite on lane, get his ability B(Agent Of Wrath) asap because it can buff you or your ally with His/Her basic attacks and give bonus crystal damage, Teleport back to home when you have around 2100 gold and buy Alternating Current(AC), because it can give you Attack speed and Damage. With CP adagio Mid-Game , You would want to stay in back line because he is a carry and a healer so you don't want to go infront because he isn't that tanky. And get his Ult(Verse Of Judgement) , if your enemy is in Arcane Fine, His Ult Will stunned them while dealing massive damage , but be in mind, reflex block can block his ult or Heroes with Stunned ablity like Catherine so always Trigger a Reflex block or Crucible while Adagio use his Ult.

After you Earn Enough gold , buy Broken Myth(BM) because its good late game and can deal alot of damage to tanky heroes. And dont forget to get Travel Boots, Armor and Reflex block.

Late Game Top

Late game with CP Adagio is easy if you stay in back line, and Heal your allies while putting enemy in Arcane fire, and only use his ult when all enemies are in Arcane fire when you use your ult they can be stunned but if they use crucible they wont be stunned , neither they take full damage but they will still take decent damage , and be sure to trigger crucible or reflex bock while Adagio use Ult.

After you earn enough gold , Buy Eve Of Harvest becuase it will heal you while still giving you more energy.
And dont forget to get Aegis, Halcyon chargers, Metal Jacket.

CP Adagio Full Build Top

Get Alternative Current , Broken Myth , Eve Of Harvest . Halcyon Chargers , Aegis , Metal Jacket.

I Hope this CP Adagio guide helps you in future , MY IGN is SeraphimWrath if any of you want to play with me in future :D

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