Is cp vox viable in 1.20?(discussion and possibly a better build guide) by iScruB

Is cp vox viable in 1.20?(discussion and possibly a better build guide)

By: iScruB
Last Updated: Sep 3, 2016
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OjClutch9291 | October 1, 2016 5:43am
i think an eve would be more beneficial for cp vox
Neko (8) | August 12, 2016 12:52pm
Honestly SAW has to learn how to reflex block a skill, which is like, thre basics in the most literal sense, however, SAW does have some extreme ups and downs.

For the OP, CP vox is viable, an alternating current and then either a BM or AS (or both) and basically thats it.
iScruB | August 12, 2016 9:21pm
This build was based off being able to do single target damage while also being able to AOE damage(being simultaneously a burst sniper and a mage).Alas,when in parties,the other team usually spread out a lot and force so much pressure onto vox that he always have to reposition to get resonance bounces,and that is to say running infront of/away from your support or jungle in order to get these resonance bounces to deal enough damage.Compiled with the fact that it just takes one person to aim down vox and he is out of the fight,your team's damage output is drastically decreased,ESPECIALLY because the vox WOULD try to focus on the person aiming him or her.Even using this build,the 1v1 potential is in the opponents favour rather than vox's favour.This makes him a rather different mage,having to conpensate for a lot of his weaknesses,it makes him very vulnerable and not dishing out damage while other heroes is either the first or the latter,with only a single point to consider while cp vox has both and possibly even more.That is also the reason why in competitive plays eve of harvest is ran over aftershock.Vox needs to survive,aftershock,although does provide healing,does not do as much as eve of harvest.Then again,running eve of harvest makes room for way more counters.Hence,vox is now in a weaker spot compared to other mages,and having way more room for error.He is like genji in overwatch,just without enough damage.Futhermore,this also makes vox's sustain pure utterly underpowered.Running aftershock decreases his healing mid combat,while being able to have decent objective(gold mine,kraken,etc)taking while running eve does give more sustain BUT after a succesful teamfight,you cant get objective fast enough!This makes other mage laners just superior compared to cp vox.Yes he is viable,but HOW viable?Maybe he is very strong in lower ranks as people dont know how to counter him.But put into high rank games vox just isnt the carry he should be.
SilntAssasnNinja (4) | August 9, 2016 8:31pm
In my opinion, I'd say SAW is the hardest to play.
Oackley (1) | August 11, 2016 1:59am
Haha, i think Saw is easier to begin with in lane. So much so that most of low elo Saw's don't even know that sttuter-stepping is good ! They try Ringo after a few wins and realize they're bad at laning but they'd rather think Ringo is **** !
iScruB | August 11, 2016 12:03am
Saw in fact is hard to play.I agree.But having a team that knows how to play around him makes him very powerful and easy to play.Once you mastered when to use your shank and boots it would be much easier to play him.Timing is key with saw,while cp vox requires timing,more emphasis on positioning and better target acquisition while saw just needs to the first carry close to him.
Yea he is hard to play(2nd hardest in my opinion)
SilntAssasnNinja (4) | August 11, 2016 2:42pm
True, both of you are true.
Early game SAW is a complete force of nature unless he meets a very spell-happy Lyra, which is something SAW simply can't Roadie Run around every time it happens like Vox's Sonic Zoom, to me Vox is the third hardest in terms of positioning, (Joule is second due to her perk). I enjoy CP SAW the most because it allows him more freedom compared to WP.
Having a team that can play around him is the main part of your point, but SAW simply doesn't exist in High ELO, like S.A and POA, because the counters to his WP path is 100& effective, meaning less people understand how to co-operate with SAW.

Most people who get invaded in early JG while SAW is in lane simply rage-pings him when he walks slower than my pet turtle when it's cold, compared to a Sonic Zooming Vox.

*sarcasm starts*
And you simply want to give them a big happy hug when they all continue to blame you when they start to purposely feed.
*Sarcasm ends*

WP SAW faces the very detrimental Atlas Pauldron which he can't always reflex block at a certain notice, and is a single target hero compared to CP Vox.
If CP Vox get's Atlas Pauldron debuffed, he can simply dash away and recoup or fire off a silence and still do decent AOE damage.
CP SAW isn't as affected unless he get's an Alternating Current, which is a rather moot item since Aftershock is procc-ed and used by his Roadie Run to deal 15% Max Health on top of Base CP damage and CP Ratio damage along with the crazier 45% Missing Health at T5 R.Run.
He is one of my mains and I enjoy playing many heroes in VG, Vox is also another one of my frequently played heroes, so I understand what you're putting across.

It's just that the instant you don't have two tanky heroes taking the frontlines for you, SAW becomes THE BIGGEST sitting duck if your R.Run isn't available for use and using Suppressing Fire to gain Spin Upstacks or do damage depending on your build is basically suicide with a side of extra ACE late game.

CP SAW can get away with it if he has sufficient cooldown, but WP SAW just made his bed and promptly has to lay in it.

As for low ELO SAWs, it's hilarious once you get A.Pauldron and proceed to walk up and tear their SAW to bits and walk off.
It's even more satisfying when they are normal skin SAW, since I have the T2 skin after trying to get the cards for sooooo long.
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