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Jungle the Gwen

By: methodman4
Last Updated: Oct 19, 2016
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Build: Jungle Gwen

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Early Game - WP Focus Top


Taking jungle position is an excellent way to use Gwen's unique mobility. She'll have a slow farm early game and she can be weak at level 1. Don't let the opponent catch you out of position. Work with your roam to clear some jungle and build up some WP. When you hit level 2 you will likely need her cleanse. If you skirmish early, land your buffed attack and disengage, but do not leave your Roam. Immediately re-engage from sniper range to damage the first opponent. Creep back into the fight and take at least one opponent's life away. Use pings or comms to alert your roamer of your intentions. When you hit the shop the first few times focus weapon power. In skirmishes, the opponent will be inclined to disengage due to your high burst damage in early game. Let them go and just farm baby.

Mid game - Moar WP Focus Top

This is the tricky part of the game. Until you have 6, your best bet is to engage with the buffed auto attack , then pull out using the cleanse. Re-engage from sniper distance, and the burst coming from your A-skill and buffed auto attack will seal the deal most of the time. Gwen's stutter step takes some getting used to, as you will need to listen for her reload sound FX to enable the buff. You may purchase light armor or shield as needed, but don't overdo it. Use Gwen's superior mobility and the B-skill cleanse to interrupt your opponent's attacks. Keep building damage here. Farm relentlessly, even when you face invades.

Ganks Top

Your lane will likely need your help so offer it readily. Gwen has the ability to invade and then set up the opposing laner for a backside gank. Use A-skill to slow the enemy in combination with your buffed auto attack, but then use the B-skill early in the fight to re-position. Your Lane will finish off the kill while you continue farming. When you play Gwen, think of the enemy Laner as part of your farm. Just remember that you are a squishy jungler, so be careful not to feed.

Late game - That damage! Top

After you feel comfortable with your weapon power you will need to complete some speed in order to actually use Gwen properly. Her auto will deal serious damage even without the buff, so why not shoot more times per second? I like Tornado Trigger or perhaps Bonesaw to speed up the DPS. Building speed too early is a bad idea, but the goal is to rush double Sorrowblade and Trigger. You may have already found it useful to build a defensive item, since you are critically vulnerable to burst damage. Don't get deleted. A barbed needle will be useful if purchased early, but do not complete the Serpent Mask until later. Having said that, double Sorrow with her AA is extremely consistent in team fights, but a mid-game addition of speed is devastating stuff. From this core build, I like to add an eventual Shatterglass to give the A & C skills some teeth. Complete your chosen defense item as early as you feel is needed, and always leave the Serpent Mask for last.

Expensive build hype! Top

Yes, this is one of the most costly builds out there, but keep a few things in mind. Gwen's mobility and weapon power DPS gives her a very fast clear from mid game on. Feel free to invade the enemy jungle, but be very conservative while your B-skill cleanse is on cooldown. Ganking the lane will draw your opposing Jungler or opposing Roamer to hold the fort in Lane position. This allows Gwen to CS effectively on both sides of the fold. With the farm you build up, you will easily complete your build early on, while your opponent will either run away or feed. While Gwen can be pushed out of lane easily, in jungle she really has no counter at this time. GG

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