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NJL's Builds: Cobra Saw

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Last Updated: Aug 19, 2014
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An Experimental Build Top

Note: This guide was originally created by player NicJoelLim in the official Vainglory forums. NicJoelLim is the author; I am just helping make it available on VaingloryFire.

I'm a fan of unorthodox & experimental builds .

Here's one I came up with and am seeking to perfect in light of the recent SAW nerfings. Would love feedback! Hope you guys could try it out!

Hero: Saw
Exp/Gold: Gold
Jungle/Lane: Lane -> Roamer
Role: Lane -> Burst Assassin
Focus: Roadie Run
When to use: With a strong team preferably with a tank
Pros: Very High damage. Strong against opponents with high health. High Mobility.
Cons: Takes a lot of Gold. Very weak in early game. Very difficult to coordinate.

Skill Distribution Top

First point into Suppressive Fire
Subsequently into Roadie Run whenever possible

Items Top

Aftershock - To make up for missing health damage of Roadie Run
Boots - To increase distance covered by Roadie Run
Clockwork - To reduce Roadie Run's cool down. Increase mana regen.
Reflex Block - To provide cover for 2nd Roadie Run
Clockwork - To further reduce Roadie Run's cool down to 3 seconds. Increase mana regen.
Reflex Block - To provide cover for 3rd Roadie Run

Feel free to play around with the item sequence though Aftershock is a priority.
It is recommended to get 2x Hour Glass and individually upgrade to tier 2 rather than getting 1x Clockwork.
This allows a faster reduction of cool down time at lower gold cost.

How to Play Top

Build relies solely on Roadie Run's speed boost and missing health damage.
In early game farm in lane till aftershock is obtained.
Roadie Run should do significant damage per run at this stage.
Boots/Clockwork increase the effectiveness of Roadie Run.
Attempts at attacks should always be in a team.
Roadie Run will do 15%-30% damage to an opponent at full health and increase the lower the opponent's life (irregardless of total HP)
Dash in and finish off the enemy with the lowest health in a team fight.
At full build recommended play is as follows.

1) Roadie Run towards an weakened opponent and deal damage
2) Reflex Block (if health is low)
3) Roadie Run a second time
4) Reflex Block (if health is low)
5) Roadie Run a third time

If timed properly, most opponents will be taken down by the 2nd Roadie Run. Reflex Block allows a third Roadie Run which will almost always guarantee a kill. Hence, the "Cobra" name for the build.

A very experimental build. Comments please!

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