Palak Ultimate Reaper Ringo Guide by Palak

Palak Ultimate Reaper Ringo Guide

By: Palak
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2015
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Dear VG enthusiasts, if you have come to seek the ultimate ringo build then you came to the right place. I am sharing this build openly with you all that have defeated other conventional Ringo builds. The requirements for this to be effective is you HAVE to last hits well. By my average farming, i am getting my first sorrowblade within 7 mins so roughly gauge your performance from there.

First of all this build packs a LOT of punch but its dangerous also because due to u focusing on firepower, you will be squishy. Hence its important to play cautiously & smart without being caught. I will separate this guide into different stage to show u the intended effect of this build at various portion of the game.

Strategic application:
This build is at its highest power when initiating with double down. You know when your double down is ready when u see A red dice icon on top of Ringo's head. Therefore ALWAYS have double down ready before any major engagements to increase lethality.

Another key requirements is to Orb Walk or stutter step well using ringo's Twirling silver skill. I will talk about orb walking in later section of the guide.

Skill points allocation:
Max twirling Silver as soon as possible
Level Achilles heel if 2nd skill unavailable to upgrade
Hellfire brew has to be upgraded whenever there is chance (level 6,9,12)

First Stage:
Get a weapon blade + 2 red potions

Reason: its for added damage to last hits creeps well.

Methods of playing: Stay in lane as long as possible & avoid any engagements, rule is to accumulate gold & stay in lane longer. You will have your chance to shine later.

Second stage:
Rush down to jungle shop & buy a travel boot + another weapon blade

Playing style: Now with movement speed boost & additional damage, you can afford to be more aggressive now. Try to poke opposing laner using your perks

Third stage:
Upgrade one weapon blade to Heavy steel
Upgrade the other weapon blade to Six Sins

Reason: Perpetual item building towards Sorrowblade.

Playing style: At this stage, your attacks really pack a punch now with just one heavy steel. Seek opportunities to get some kills.

Fourth stage:
First Sorrowblade is completed.

Playing style: Once your first sorrowblade is up, your Double Down really hurts a lot now. Seek out more prey to kill

Fifth stage (Critical):
Make a second heavy steel for bonus double down damage.

Explanation: fifth stage is critical because you either have to decide between getting more attack to complete 2nd sorrowblade or get some defensive item. If you feel the need to have more defend, please get a reflex block first right after building heavy steel.

Sixth stage: Complete second sorrowblade

7th stage (Critical)

Now this is the time to build your eve of harvest but u have to decide whether you should have additional def or more crystal power to boost your overall damage. If your team is not performing so well, i suggest getting a crucible first for additional hp.

Reason to buy eve: For energy sustenance so Ringo have sufficient to spam his Twirling Silver. Without it, a level 3 hellfire brew will take out more than half of your mp, leaving u with very little to use.

Deadly Palak style ringo play:
With your built all ready, initiate with hellfire brew first. Now this is a bit tricky because you need a flare to do it but its worth it. Try to stay in the bush while casting your brew to avoid being attacked & aim straight at enemy carry (usually the one building weapon) to take him out.

After your brew is unleashed, enemies are mostly frightened & start retreating. Just finish them off one by one.

Ringo Orb Walking guide.

This is a special section presented by me to help u orb walk easier. Basically orb walk/stutter step means moving while attacking so it thrusts u forward while you attack to make it easier to chase. Orb walking is usually only possible when 2nd skill is cast. Orb walk timing: as soon as you see a bullet is fired RIGHT out of the nozzle of his pistol, tap forward/backward once depending on where u want to go & shoot again. Rinse & repeat

You will see that he will flip his gun up as illustrated in this picture once he finishes a shot. You can use it as a basis to prepare to move forward & fire again.

Reasons that i avoid Tension bow. Firstly because tension is only good for high burst damage to ONE target, hence its not useful because u still have 2 more to kill after one is dead & this item does not provide much damage benefit so why waste the slot.

Thats the end of this guide. Remember ALWAYS get mines & plant it on two lane bushes to prevent Ambush. After first turret is gone on either side, you HAVE to get flares. Hope you enjoy it & have fun dominating the fold with this build.

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