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Petal to the Metal

By: AdyEndrus
Last Updated: Nov 26, 2014
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Introduction Top

Hi VainGlory players!

My name is Sam "AdyEndrus" Ady. I'm 28 years old. I've been playing games since I was two years old, and I played League of Legends for more than five years.

Of all the games of VainGlory I've played, all but two of them have been on Petal. My current record is 14-3.

I've done a bit of writing, mostly about League of Legends, and I've done a couple builds before. I like writing like this because it lets me use some of my experience from other genres and some of my insight into the math and item builds.

I created chapters that match my item builds so you can see the items I'm referring to as you move through the guide. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to see you on the Halcyon Fold!

Early Lane Top

I've tried many different starting items on Petal and I decided the best way to stay in lane is to take early energy recharge and some potions. Because your seed costs almost nothing and you're forced to take it at level one, you can rush to lane, lay down 2-5 seeds in a bush, and then auto attack trade with any enemy that comes to lane. At level two you unlock more of your potential by summoning munions, but they aren't worth anything if you're too weak to fight. This is why I always start energy recharge. You can play safe enough in the lane to farm without getting ganked and boots don't add enough survivability or bonus in the early lane phase.

I normally start Petal in lane, but she jungles quite well once she can summon minions and keep them alive.

First Back Top

On your first trip back to base (hopefully because you recalled, not because you died), you should look to finish your Void Battery. I played a number of games where I went with really early crystal to try to bully my opponents out of lane by sheer force. I would always run out of energy trying to sustain 1v2 or 1v3. Void Battery really bridges the gap for early energy issues with Petal. Having that extra five energy recharge is probably too much for such an affordable item.

At this stage of the game people are going to have ultimates before you get to shop again. This is the time when you buy boots. If you can get someone to waste their ultimate on you, and you escape because they weren't expecting that shot of 80 health and instant speed boost (potion and boots activation) then you're so far ahead in lane you can ride the game to victory. Because of your energy recharge you can drop five seeds and wait patiently for the lane to be safe again, or recall and walk to lane with full health and energy. Boots will be the difference between getting the kill, or your enemy escaping with one HP.

I include a Flare Gun in my suggested item for this back, but you should always get one of these while you have the item slot. If your team is map aware, showing them where the enemy team is can upset a gold mine invade, a minion mine attack, or just a lane gank.

Finished Build Top

You're a monster. I don't think it's right to say this, but a full crystal build on Petal is completely broken. With a nasty late-game build on Petal I've actually been able to win 1v3.

Once you have Alternating Current and a butt-ton of crystal your autos will crush health bars. Because your munions have a 0.45 crystal ratio on attack, you will see them hitting for over 130 damage EACH. If you're getting half your crystal then you're becoming a fourth munion by attacking.

I like Clockwork because each time I use my ultimate I kill someone. Either I catch them in the jungle, get them to step towards me and combo my Spontaneous Combustion into an immediate Yay, Pets! to hit an insane ratio. Here's some math:

Spontaneous Combustion will do 455 + 0.8 crystal ratio. FOR EACH MUNION! With no crystal it still hits for 1365. With the finished build you have another 295 crystal which adds 236 damage on each explosion, for a grand total of 2073 damage (before resistances).

Each munion that dies due to Spontaneous Combustion creates a Bramblethorn Seed which can be activated with Yay, Pets! After your ultimate just hit an area for over 2000 damage, you can activate Yay, Pets! and get another 255 + 1.1 crystal ratio. To shortcut, that's another 1738.5 damage (before resistances). You just hit someone for almost 4k damage, and you healed for 25% of that thanks to your Eve of Harvest.

Conclusion Top

Thanks for reaching this point of the guide! I hope you found something helpful or interesting that you enjoyed! If you ever would like to play, I'm normally available in the evenings after 4:30 PM PST. The best way to get in touch with me is via my stream.

Edits Top

1st Edit: I tried rushing the recommended Frostburn item. I must say, I loved it! I don't think building it first is the best idea, but I did just to try it out. I was laning 1v2 against Taka and Saw (which is basically a flower's worst nightmare) and it worked out really well early in the lane and later when my team wanted to gank.

2nd Edit: Someone was curious about how to jungle with Petal without just dying as a glass cannon build. The Munions' health scales with Crystal, and the heal for all munions scales with Crystal (I think), so you attack a jungle camp, get your minions hitting it, and then step away until you're outside of its aggro radius (if you were melee and stood there the jungle camp would walk away from you) and then turn back to fight and your munions will pull aggro, and you'll keep them alive with Yay, Pets! Brilliant.

3rd Edit: Thanks so much for the feedback and the question about my past League life! It was a lot of fun to go into more detail about!

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