Phinn the Construction Worker by RebelArkay

Phinn the Construction Worker

By: RebelArkay
Last Updated: Oct 1, 2015
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Phinn Gameplay Top

Phinn is a construction worker. He can bulldoze through anything he finds in his way and has a mean wreckingball he can use to level squishy buildings. He is not the worlds finest athlete though. You could even say he has some overweight. He slugs around the construction yard and has no escape whatsoever.

When playing Phinn it's important that all your teammates understand this and take the fight around you. You have a nice barrier and shielding on your B (Polite Company) and you can stun or slow everyone who comes near you. But the crucial part is they need to be around you. If your teammates are too mobile and dive the enemy you'll get left behind with little to add.

Phinn has two functions mostly depending on your team composition. He can try and C (Forced Accord) a squishy in range of your allies and keep him there until they've disposed of him. You're looking for high single damage allies here. He can also try to grab multiple (all three?) enemies for wombo combo's. You're looking for big area of effect spells here like Vox, Celeste, Skaarf, Joule ults.

Early Game aggression Top

Phinn has some nasty area of effect damage on his A (Quibble). You should be able to push hard against any melee jungle team. Be carefull about comps that can kite you though. Did i mention he's slow already?

His achilles heal Top

Phinn has absolutely no escape. I've seen snails go faster then he does. If you or your allies overextend or lose a teamfight, chances are high you will die. Most of your jungle buddies have some sort of mobility, you don't. If you follow them around into sticky situations you will not be able to get out of them.

Item Builds Top

As always on a support. Counterbuild your opponents. Usually i try to get either a fountain of renewal or a crucible first. Do pick up boots at first or second jungle rotation though. They will increase your speed from OMGImSoSlowIllDieOfOldAgeBeforeIGetThere to LookMaImStillSlowButAtLeastABitLes. Another useful item to pick up is a Warhorn. Did I mention he's slow already? Once you completed the core items I tend to pick up a clockwork for the cooldown reduction and the energy regen.

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