"4 Stormguard still walk the Earth" - Vainglory Controversy, Mysterious Easter Egg, Updated and Concluded! by Radiance

"4 Stormguard still walk the Earth" - Vainglory Controversy, Mysterious Easter Egg, Updated and Concluded!

By: Radiance
Last Updated: Apr 1, 2017
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Hello Everyone! I am Radiance, the Creator of 3 Essential Adagio Builds, which is the Highest rated Adagio guide on the Forums. I am also an Experienced Website Coder, and theorycraft enthusiast. I enjoy learning about the lore and story behind every game and every character. I like to find meaning in things that mean little to anyone, and uncover the secrets in Vainglory's tiniest of Details. I am a ROAM Main, and I play different genres of games, including sandbox, fps, and other MOBAS.

Some of my other works include:
3 Essential Adagio Builds

This is not your Typical Guide! This is a Lore Exploration for Users whom are well versed with the Vainglory Lore. You will not find any Gameplay Tips here. If you seek Gameplay Tips, do turn back now. Also, Many Many Spoilers! Please do read the Lore Beforehand!

Today, we will be going over one of Catherine's quotes which I only recently got to know about. I heard it for the first time in game about two weeks ago, and it really got my attention the first time she said these words. Just today (6th March 2017), she muttered those exact same words again, in her sassy and indifferent tone.
"4 Stormguard still walk the Earth"

Current, the only Stormguard that we know are alive and well are


So, Who is the Fourth Stormguard?

This easter egg is exciting for players whom want information about future updates without any leaks from developers. The presence of this fourth Stormguard throws a rock into the lore that we once believed was true.

Who could this Fourth Stormguard be?!

I will constantly refer to the Lore, so if you have not read these, I do recommend doing so. The Vainglory Lore is very deep and offers many insights into the future with its elements of suspense.

As for this little adventure, I will be referring to the Following Character's Lore:


First, lets have a look at some potential Candidates!
In The Shield and The Bow, Catherine makes note of every Stormguard whom is alive at the time of the pre-present.
"Six Swords, two Axes, two Daggers, two Polearms, eight varied Mages, nine Shields and one Bow."

She does not count herself in the Above.
Daisy (Alpha) was badly injured by Krul while "barricaded (barricading) every road out of Pompium", so she was not among these Stormguard.

Livia is a Named Daggerwoman.
Kestrel is a Named Archer.
Marelde is a Named Shieldbearer.
Amie is a Named Mage.
Ivet is a Named Axe wielder.
Elena is a Named Polearm.

This Leaves the following Unnamed Stormguard:
"Six Swords, one Axe, one Dagger, one Polearm, seven varied Mages, eight Shields."


After the Stormguard's Defection, Livia and Elena were the only two who returned to the Storm Queen.
They were swiftly killed by the reanimated Daisy (Alpha), so neither of them may be the Fourth Stormguard.
"Frankie and the veiled queen stepped along the scuffs, slides and stomp-marks scattered across the packed-dirt training yard. Pools of blood hardened into dusty paste around the bodies of Livia and Elena, the two Stormguard who had chosen to return. Alpha stood at attention, still as death, her mask and armor undented."

This leaves us with the Following Candidates:

6 Swordswomen
One Axe wielder
One daggerwoman
One Polearm
Seven Mages
Eight Shieldbearers.


Ever since their Defection, the Stormguard split into three Groups to run guerrilla operations to take down the Storm Queen.

These Groups Consist of:

Catherine's Group (4 Stormguard Excluding Catherine and Kestrel)
Old Family Group (6 Stormguard)
Marelde's Group (Hence we can infer that there are 12 Stormguard in Marelde's Group, including herself).


Catherine's Group Consists of:
    Unnamed Swordswoman
    Unnamed Shieldbearer (Not Marelde)

At the End of "Daisy Daisy", Alpha kills all the other Four Stormguard, Except for Catherine and Kestrel.
This means that Ivet, Amie, the Swordswoman, and the shieldbearer cannot be the Fourth Stormguard.


Marelde's Group consists of 12 Stormguard.
During the Interrogation with Second and Third Boss, the distribution of the Stormguard are as follows.
Take note of the Keywords, Outside and Inside.
Outside the oldest tea house in Taizen Gate, masked guards with curved swords stood shoulder-to-shoulder, silent.
Inside, the Three Bosses knelt by a low table facing six former Stormguard, their palms facing down on the table according to local tradition.

Of the Six Stormguard Inside the Room, Three of Them are Mages. One is Marelde. The other Two are Unknown.
Lets see which of the Stormguard we are able to infer are in Marelde's Group.
The remaining Stormguard left to be Placed are:
"Five Swords, one Axe, one Dagger, one Polearm, four varied Mages, seven Shields."

As the 6 Guards Outside the Tea House have "Curved Swords", it likely suggests that they are either Swordswomen or Shieldbearers. They are definitely not Mages.

This allows us to Infer that the Old Family Group consists of Four Mages, and Two other Unknown Stormguard.

The remainder of the Stormguard Unable to be placed are 5 Swordswomen, One Axe wielder, One daggerwoman, One polearm, and Seven Shieldbearers.

However, it is concluded at the end of the Stormguard Saga that all of the Stormguard listed above except for Catherine and Kestrel are killed by Alpha.


What is this? New Lore? No Way!

Yes Way! The first Hero of 2017 brings with it a Unique Twist to the Vainglory Timeline.

In the lore of Grumpjaw, a dwarf is the deuteragonist of the story. His name is Frankie.
Sound Familiar? Isn't he the Dwarf from the Storm Queen's Lair?
Wait... Isn't he the Dwarf who designed Alpha?!
Indeed he is, and in the recently released Lore, Frankie and Grumpjaw take a tumble back into time, and find themselves in a strange place.

Some very peculiar details can be extracted from the Lore.

"A pair of elevator doors open in the center of the dark room. Calm music trills out through the speakers. Then there’s a fast rush of air and an empty elevator car crashes to the ground floor."
"A bird screech echoes down. “I suppose I could have come a few minutes sooner.”

“CAKE?” asks Grumpjaw.

“Yes, my friend,” he says. “After I tend to a matter upstairs, there will be cake.”"

These details look very familar...
Oh wait, I remember a picture that looks exactly like what this is describing...

Is this not the Elevator room? Is Alpha not coming out of the Elevator Shaft? Are those not Elevator Cables?
If you have not read this part of the Lore, it is vital that you do so, as it is the most content and suspense packed part of the Story.

Given closer Inspection to the Image, the elevator cables are snapped, and are falling through the elevator. When does this happen in the lore? Lets take a look at Alpha's "Daisy Daisy" lore.
"The ding came again, louder, from the elevator at the center of the room."
"The phoenix forced the machine onto the elevator floor, pecking at its mask, screeching to wake the dead."

Yup, this is definitely the place where Alpha killed the remaining Stormguard.

And bird Screech? Thats a Phoenix dude, not a rooster xD
"The machine leaped through the roof, snapped elevator cables wrapped round its blade, the elevator freefalling through the tower with Amie inside."

This shows that the Image captures the exact moment of Amie's impending Death. This shows that Ivet, the Broadswordswoman, and the Shieldbearer have already met their fates. Now, lets examine Grumpjaw's lore again.
"A pair of elevator doors open in the center of the dark room. Calm music trills out through the speakers. Then there’s a fast rush of air and an empty elevator car crashes to the ground floor."

The Elevator Car is Empty. This isn't right...
Wasn't Amie in the Car when it fell?
Why would SEMC return Frankie back in time as the last of the Stormguard are dead except for one that is nearing her doom. Amie.
As of the time when Frankie returns to the Past, which is the closest to the present in which the lore has taken us, all of the Stormguard are dead, except Kestrel, Catherine and Alpha. However, one is about to meet her impending Doom, and that is Amie.
Catherine says that not 3 Stormguard remain, but 4.
This is it!
Why would a Hero designed so long ago have such a strange flaw in her ingame quotes?
And if so, would everything I've just said be a coincidence?
I think not!
Amie isn't dead as of the point where the Lore ends.
Amie is about to die, but is not dead.
Frankie has a chance to save her.
Will it happen?
I think this is too much of a coincidence for it not to happen, as well as a brilliant opportunity for a new hero design.


Of course, this is all Theorycraft!
Nobody can prove what SEMC is cooking up in their lab of updates and new storylines.
I can be fairly certain that Amie would make an amazing hero though.
A hero who can summon a phoenix?
A hero who can use magic to form entities?
Why not?
But of course, if there is some other Meaning behind Catherine's jawdropping quote, I would be more than willing to hear it out.
Otherwise, ya have a lot of explaning to do Dash :3
I'm kidding.
Mr Mystery can be Mr Mystery.
Peace :)


Edit 1:
Aah... I've seen some people say in the Comments that SAW has something to do with the Lore :P
Even though there are no female characters that feature in the SAW lore (hence no available Stormguard Candidates), I did find a little excerpt from the SAW lore which explains sort of who Frankie is. Thanks guys! :3
"Frankie’s laugh sounded like marbles rattling in a coffee cup. “Took six years of bureaucracy for the local military to upgrade the 8002 to the 9000. They’re still tinkering with exosuits! Ha! I think on another level, big guy. I’m thinking about the future. I got a gizmo in the closet that’ll move things through time … but that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for this.” He yanked a tarp away from a jumble of metal armor."

Edit 2:
After examination of Alpha's quotes, some players have come to tell me of a detail that I missed.
When Alpha stands still for too Long, she says:
"Mission: fiifiiiififind corn, yarn, garden. Storm guard."

As of now, in still trying to find meaning in these keywords, but they appear to be related to the location of the fourth stormguard, which we have concluded to be Amie. I am currently looking for traces of Blue Magic, which is Amie's unique power, in Koshka or Glaive's lore due to the significance of the word "yarn". In "Daisy Daisy", Amie finds comfort in forming a "Cat Cradle" with her blue magic. This could mean she has some previous interaction with a feline species. However, nothing has yet to be proven.

Edit 3:
Recently, Vainglory gave us a sneakpeak of a new hero in its "A Look into 2017".
At 4:30 in this video:
You would notice an Iron Man looking character that fires blue beams from his/her hands.
The new hero has a human form, with a glowing sphere around his/her body. The new hero is relatively tall, and has a turquoise colored body.
Could this be Amie?

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