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Hey guys its me again, this time we go in depth with all heroes. Thanks to Thorin, PartyGod, FlyingFox and Jayburna for the extra tips!

Adagio Top

  • Adagio's first skill heals and slows enemies when self casted.
  • Adagio's second skill amplifies damage.
  • Make sure that the enemies are on fire when casting your ultimate, it will stun them.
  • Use Reflex Block before casting your ultimate to avoid cancellation.
  • If you are going for damage, go with Alternating Current for more DPS.
  • Adagio is one of the toughest late game hero.
  • Use your ultimate wisely it's a wide AOE, use boots to rush in between enemies to hit them all.
  • Use first and second skill as a combo, you deal more damage to enemies on fire.
  • Adagio is one of the most versatile hero in game.
  • Kite.
  • If you are support build, cast your second skill on a teammate with the highest DPS. (e.g. SAW, Glaive, Ringo)
  • Please heal teammates.
  • Buff yourself or teammates before initiating ganks.

Catherine Top

  • Catherine's first skill gives a speed boost and powerful basic attack equipped with stun.
  • Catherine's second skill deflects damage.
  • Catherine's third skill is directional AOE and silences enemies, meaning they won't be able to cast skills momentarily.
  • You gain armor when stunning or silencing enemies.
  • Always use third skill for initiating team-fights.
  • If ganking 1 enemy use this attack pattern: Hide in the bush>Walk in with basic attack>Pull out shield>Basic Attack>Enemy runs away or casts a skill>Rush with stun. This is much more effective than the usual stun initiating.
  • Ironguard Contract is the best starter item for Catherine.
  • Face-checking miners and jungle shop for mines is your responsibility.
  • Set traps, for vision and plant two overlaying mines in a bush then stun whoever steps in.
  • Use first skill for canceling stacks and ultimates that require long cast time. (e.g. Adagio, Saw, Ringo)
  • Pull up shield before entering suspicious bushes.
  • Don't use your ultimate as a finisher and when enemies are in max range. Losing silence is critical for your team's survivability.
  • Save up mana to be useful in team-fights
  • Get a Clockwork or Aftershock for faster cooldown.
  • Krul is still able to land stacks even with the bubble shield on.
  • Catherine's final point in her stun, increases her stun duration to 1.75 seconds from 1.2 seconds

Glaive Top

  • Try to fire Afterburn in different angles, for a head spinning kill.
  • When escaping at the center jungle/goldmine/kraken area, hit the Kraken at the last second, you might get hit once, but when you get out of range the enemy will take the agro Kraken and for sure will get hit twice, when they try to escape knock em' back.
  • Glaive is the almost perfect lure in game, since you can just Afterburn back to a safer position, but pro players will notice that, so sometimes they won't bother.
  • Always stack more than 15 Bloodsongs, you may have the lowest ultimate cooldown, but you still have to stack to be effective.
  • Do not Afterburn enemies in max range! You need to have that little gap to be sure to knock enemies back rather in front.
  • Always face-check bushes, jungle shop, crystal and goldmines for scout traps.
  • Kite. Yes, kite. Kite jungle creeps, Glaive's axe range enable you to walk a little distance while still hitting your target. Use this trick for a quick and efficient jungling experience.
  • Do not hover in the enemy's attack range, especially if they are ranged heroes, e.g. Petal. If you are in their range, make sure you can exchange blows as well. Use Afterburn to escape huge bursts e.g. Spontaneous Combustion.
  • Versus Catherine's ultimate, Afterburn sideways and through her rather than backwards, you might still get clipped while at mid-dash.
  • Use Afterburn to catch Krul's Hellrazor and to save teammates.
  • Use Petal's Bramblethorn seeds for your advantage and extra stacks. Be careful pro Petal users use the seeds for extra mini-map vision.
  • Immediately retreat if you get stacked by Krul, Bloodsong is no match for Spectral Smite.
  • If you are willing to fight Krul 1vs1, when he gets stacked halfway dash through him with Afterburn, immediately activate second skill then knock him away. The stun duration and distance is enough to reset the stacks, when he gets near trigger Bloodsong and Afterburn again.

Joule Top

  • Joule's first skill can jump over walls, stun and knock back.
  • Joule's second skill is highly spammable, scales with both weapon and crystal damage and needs to be stacked to deal additinal damage.
  • Joule's ultimate is the most damaging skill in game, it pushes you back and can even snipe enemies from a distance.
  • One of the highest damage dealers.
  • You take less basic attack damage from fronts and sides
  • Joule's second skill. It has a higher weapon scaling compared to crystal and thus it can be beneficial to build her as a hybrid.
  • One of the most versatile heroes in game.
  • Use yourself as bait, jump over a wall, and blast enemies.
  • Your ultimate cannot be cancelled, but it's still avoidable. Glaive can still knock you away though.
  • Do not blast a Catherine with her shield bubble on, it can do you more harm than good.
  • Get your second skill to max stack it will crit weapon damage.
  • Joule can either effectively lane or jungle.
  • If possible don't use you ultimate when you're are just going to kill one enemy.
  • Use your first skill to scatter enemies camping in bushes.
  • Don't miss your second skill, it will remove your stacks.
  • Use your first skill to escape ganks.
  • Be carful when casting first skill it has a long casting time.
  • Create angles while fighting, it's really effective when setting up your ultimate.

Koshka Top

  • Koshka's ultimate stuns during the whole skill duration.
  • Koshka is able to reduce her skill cooldowns with basic attacks.
  • Thanks to the new update, Koshka can now stack Blood Rush on minions, meaning she gains temporary armor/shield and speed when hitting enemies.
  • Twirly Death doesn't require a target to be activated.
  • Go to the lane to ambush unsuspecting enemies, and stack Twirly Death.
  • When escaping run to minions and execute Twirly Death for a speed boost.
  • Hover. Get in and out when fighting, you're too squishy to stay in battles.
  • Get Energy Battery as first item.
  • Use Yummy Catnip Frenzy as an initiator, so you and your team gets to hit tough enemies.
  • Plant mines as you are escaping to scare enemies away.
  • Never camp in a bush for too long.
  • You are the fastest jungler.
  • You are too squishy buy defense items when needed.
  • Rush boots and Frostburn to be effective.
  • Bully enemies in the jungle and starve them of gold.
  • Main attack pattern: Pouncy Fun>Twirly Death>Basic attack>Run away>Repeat
  • Attack patterns: Hide in bush>Basic attack>Twirly Death>Basic Attackx5>Enemy runs away or casts skill>Pouncey Fun to close in or YCF to cancel.
  • Initiating team-attack pattern: YCF>Twirly Death>Run Away>Pouncy Fun>Run Away>Repeat
  • Be careful when face checking bushes a Krul might be hiding in there. Just Twirly Death and run.

Krul Top

  • Krul's first skill activates a speed boost, and a health barrier.
  • Krul's second skill grants a passive called "weakness stacks" that reduces enemies attack speed and crystal power when basic attacking (up to 8 stacks), activate to cash in the stacks, it will deal damage and regain health based on the number of stacks.
  • Krul's third skill throws his his sword in any direction that will stun and slow an enemy.
  • When Krul stays in a bush for 3 seconds, he gets a momentary speed boost and his next basic attack will slow the target.
  • Thanks to the new update Krul can now stack using his first and third skill.
  • One of the hardest hero to master.
  • Farm fast! Krul is requires to be well farmed to be fully effective.
  • Krul is the master of 1vs1/dueling.
  • Use third skill to cancel ultimates. (e.g. Adagio and Ringo)
  • Get some attack speed.
  • How to get 8 stacks: Hide in bush>Basic attack thrice>enemy runs away>Dash back with DMR>Basic attack>enemy uses boots>Throw Hellrazor>Basic attack>Cash in
  • Avoid camping in a bush too long.
  • Krul's first skill's damage scales higher with weapon but offers no benefit to his health barrier.
  • Krul's gameplay isn't going head on and just rely on lifestealing, it's hovering and going in and out and maintaining the stacks.
  • The longer the sword travels the longer the stun duration.
  • Throw the sword in awkward directions but be sure to make it land in the return flight.
  • Use the stun to stop enemies chasing dying teammates.
  • Krul is the only hero so far that can solo the Kraken with one item.
    Spoiler: Click to view

Petal Top

  • Petal's first skill makes you plant seeds that heals and grants temporary armor.
  • Petal's second skill turns these seeds into "munions" that fight for you in a distance and heal them.
  • Petal's third skill makes the munions explode one by one dealing AOE damage.
  • Petal has the longest range in game. (7.0 m)
  • Petal's pets deal small but rapid damage and also slow on first hit.
  • Her munions slow enemies on hit.
  • When hiding in a bush make sure you also keep your pets in it, sometimes they pop out and blow your cover.
  • Plant seeds where your minios pass by, so they get temporary bonus defense and heal.
  • If you have spare mana, plant seeds on the lane to slow down incoming minion waves.
  • Be carful when activating second skill it splashes a wide ring of sparkles, showing your position.
  • When laning plant 5 seeds near the turret for a mini healing station.
  • Use seeds and pets as mini tanks. Just go away from the minion/miner/Kraken's max range and let the seeds/pets take agro.
  • Use seeds as a distraction, stay on top of them, enemies might click on them and miss.
  • How to escape with one seed and munion: Run>Plant seed>Enemies step on seed>activate second skill>Attack using the munion>Watched them get slowed.
  • Kite.
  • Petal is the one most responsible for taking objectives.
  • Do not plant more than 5 seeds, adding more does not increase healing.
  • Do not detonate when enemies are in max range, they may out run them.
  • Petal can be built with either weapon or crystal.
  • Seeds will expire after 2 minutes.
  • Use seeds as a tracking system. Plant two seeds in the same place if one is gone, it may be expired, if two is gone, enemies are in the area.
  • Do not abuse and spam the seeds too much.
  • Buy a Minion Candy if you have spare gold.

Ringo Top

  • Ringo's first skill slows enemies.
  • Ringo's second skill grants bonus speed and damage.
  • Ringo's third skill follows enemies across the the field, deals damage that ignores shielding and burns enemies nearby.
  • Kite.
  • Boots+Twirling Silver= Fastest hero in game
  • Enemies will buy Reflex Block when you reach level 6, time your ultimate so it won't be blocked.
  • Avoid enemies that can close in fast. (e.g. Glaive, Koshka, Catherine)
  • Watch out for being stunned, you are easily killed.
  • Please use your first skill as a slow rather than a kill steal.
  • Initiate with you ultimate, they immediately go down to low health and panic.
  • Use ultimate in a bush.
  • Have at least one attack speed item what ever build path you are going.
  • If CP build just burst, cooldown, burst, cooldown and repeat.
  • Avoid face-checking bushes.
  • Avoid running solo, there are high changes of you being ambushed.
  • Think before casting your ultimate in a gank, most of the time most fireballs land after the enemy is dead. DON'T KILL STEAL AND WASTE THAT FIREBALL!
  • Please consider getting a defense item.
  • Avoid playing while drunk.

Saw Top

  • Saw's first skill makes you switch to a knife then gives a speed boost, after the shank Saw leaps away from the enemy and lose your spin up stacks.
  • Saw's second skill makes you fire a barrage of bullets in a direction for 2.5 seconds, then grants you all spin up stacks.
  • Saw's third skill loads explosive shells in to his gun, dealing splash damage, bonus damage based from enemies missing health and sure critical strikes. This ability makes your basic attack 36% slower but grants 2 spin up stacks.
  • Saw's gamestyle is easily predictable.
  • SFire slows enemies, perfect for crowd control.
  • Saw's heroic perk increases his attack speed and decreases his movement speed.
  • Saw has the highest damage output in the game.
  • Fastest lane farmer.
  • Be careful when using SFire, you won't be able to move during the skill.
  • If WP build, save Roadie Run for escaping.
  • Avoid getting stunned, it makes you lose all your stacks.
  • Use SFire through walls, it's much safer firing from a distance.
  • Save up mad cannon for team-fights, it deals splash damage.
  • Use SFire in crowded areas.
  • Be carful when using SFire, it reveals your vision in the minimap.
  • Use Reflex Block once you see Catherine and Glaive dashing.

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