VG Ability: Active Camo

Active Camo

Hero: Kestrel | Slot: B|8/8/8/8/6|160/160/160/160/160
Kestrel instantly vanishes from sight and gains bonus move speed. Additionally, she leaves an invisible phosphor mist at her location, revealing enemies as they walk through it. If Kestrel deals damage to an enemy hero within the mist, the mist will detonate, damaging and stunning all enemies within its area for 0.8 seconds.

Landing the primary impact of Glimmershot will reduce the cooldown by 1.5 seconds. However, Active Camo cannot be triggered while Kestrel is taking damage from an enemy hero, putting it on a 2.5 second cooldown. The length of time Active Camo is disabled is reduced by bonus weapon power.
Stealth Duration: 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5/2 (3% Crystal Ratio)
Speed Boost: 1/1/1/1/1 (0.2% Weapon Ratio)
Mist Duration: 4/5/6/7/8/ (1% Crystal Ratio)
Damage: 100/150/200/250/300 (270% Crystal Ratio)

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Bright_Future | June 23, 2016 6:42pm
What does it mean by "The length of time Active Camo is disabled is reduced by bonus weapon power."?

Does it mean if I have high weapon power I can go stealth immediately?!
MaximusPrime (53) | August 10, 2016 8:40pm
It means that if you have enough WP, your active camo won't be disabled when you are attacked, unlike CP kestrel but your invisibility time is very short.
EthanYTang | August 10, 2016 9:33am
Actually, WP doesn't lower the cool down, it lowers the amount of time added to the cool down when being attacked. At 200 WP (1 sorrowblade + 1 heavy steel), This time is reduced to 0, meaning you can go into stealth mid-combat. This allows you to reload your glimmershot while your opponent can't see you. On the other hand, building 250 CP (1 shatterglass + 1 frostburn) allows you to stay invisible long enough to use your ability a second time, so you can stay invisible for a long time until you run out of energy. Buying 1 shatterglass and 1 clockwork also allows you to reuse the ability before your invisibility runs out, and your other abilities will benefit from the cooldown acceleration.
andrew17011 (6) | June 30, 2016 12:37pm
This means that the more weapon power you have, the lower the cooldown of Active Camo. So the answer to your 2nd question is yes, although I think the devs probably wouldn't let you go stealth "immediately".
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