VG Hero: Catherine


Attack Type: Melee
Position: Captain
Role: Protector

808 (+169.55)
Health Regen
4.06 (+0.35)
200 (+24)
Energy Regen
1.33 (+0.16)
Weapon Damage
74 (+6.09)
Attack Speed
100% (+3.3%)
35 (+5.91)
25 (+4.55)
Attack Range
Move Speed
Captain of the Guard
Slot: Heroic Perk

Catherine gains 1 armor & shield every time she stuns or silences or silences an enemy hero with her abilities.

Merciless Pursuit
Slot: A

Catherine gains a burst of move speed. Her next basic attack is replaced by a powerful stun attack.
  • Resets basic-attack cooldown on activation.

Slot: B

Activates a protective bubble that reflects damage back to nearby enemies - especially when it comes in large bursts.
  • Reflects any damage above 7.5% of base maximum health.
  • Reflect damage is spread out to up 3 nearby enemies.
  • Each reflection reduces the shield duration by 0.2s.
  • Also damages enemies around Catherine while Stormguard is on.

Blast Tremor
Slot: C

Catherine slams the ground, damaging & silencing enemies in a large cone in front of her.

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