VG Hero: Glaive


Attack Type: Melee
Position: Jungle
Role: Warrior

834 (+151.73)
Health Regen
2.47 (+0.34)
275 (+15)
Energy Regen
1.47 (+0.13)
Weapon Damage
70 (+7.82)
Attack Speed
100% (+2%)
20 (+3.64)
20 (+3.64)
Attack Range
Move Speed

Glaive the Grangor

Yeah, if you need to hire muscle, I have some recommendations. Just keep your voice down. Maybe you need someone stealthy-someone who can hide in the underbrush and attack outta nowhere, never see them coming? Got an assassin girl in the rafters that'll make ribbons of a body in seconds. No, not quite right. But getting warmer, am I? You want to make a big splash, do you? Leave a real impression. Maybe the target's friends will think twice ... leave town to save their own heads? Then you'll be wanting Glaive.

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Glaive Meets Ringo

You thought you could call be "beast" from across the cantina. If you whispered it, you thought I wouldn't hear. You thought that distance would give you a running start. And now you are at my feet, drunk little carnie fool. That's why you lose at the dice tables, and why you return to lose again: You are only good from range.

Full story here!

What you need to know:
  • Glaive is a hulking brute who gets nastier and nastier as the game goes on.
  • His first ability has a knock-back that can reposition enemies to devastating effect.
  • Weapon Glaive is an attack speed and critical strike menace; Crystal Glaive melts enemies by using the Afterburn rocket for offense more than tactics.

Tips for playing Glaive:
  • Rocket past an enemy hero with Afterburn to knock them back toward your allies and turrets.
  • Glaive can be effectively built focusing on damage, critical strike or attack speed.
  • Think carefully before triggering Bloodsong since the passive lifesteal component will keep you alive.

Tips for playing Vs. Glaive:
  • Kite, kite, kite. Glaive is a lumbering beast who needs to get close to do damage.
  • Catherine's Stormguard is a great counter to Glaive's close-range attacks.
  • In lane, assume Glaive will attempt to rocket past you and knock you back toward the enemy turrets. Don't give him the chance.
  • Most people against weapon glaive don't build armor. This is crucial!

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