VG Hero: Lance


Attack Type: Melee
Position: Captain
Role: Protector

842 (+160.64)
Health Regen
3.79 (+0.65)
N/A (+N/A)
Energy Regen
N/A (+N/A)
Weapon Damage
85 (+8.45)
Attack Speed
100% (+2%)
35 (+5.91)
25 (+4.55)
Attack Range
Move Speed

The Archelions

Samuel emerged from his rented island room sullen, his cheeks gaunt, dressed all in black. He walked past hammocks where the locals napped away the hot afternoon, couples snoring together in a tangle of limbs, mothers curled around little children like shells around peas. Away from the dwellings he found a handful of goats gnawing on shrubs; honeybees dove through tall bamboo to rummage inside of flowering beans, zucchini and asparagus. In the garden it was difficult to believe that the island was the shell of the giant and ancient titanback named Archelon, floating his annual way around the world.

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