VG Hero: Ozo


Attack Type: Melee
Position: Jungle
Role: Warrior

769 (+160.64)
Health Regen
350 (+27.27)
Energy Regen
Weapon Damage
80 (+7)
Attack Speed
100% (+3.3%)
20 (+3.64)
20 (+3.64)
Attack Range
Move Speed


Carnie Luck
Slot: Heroic Perk

Ozo receives 10-25% additional healing, barrier and fortified health from all sources.
  • This does not affect health regeneration.

Three-Ring Circus
Slot: A

Ozo can use this ability three times in a 5s window:
  • First hit: Smashes the target and other enemies in front of him.
  • Second hit: Dashes through his target and deals damage.
  • Final hit: Spins and damages all nearby enemies.
  • Each hit deals weapon damage, can crit, and triggers basic-attack effects on the primary targer.
  • Ozo heals for each enemy damaged by any of these hits (30% against non-heroes).

Slot: B

Ozo jumps onto a target, damaging and slowing it if it is an enemy. While airborne, quickly tap another target to bounce to it. Three hops maximum.
  • Each time Ozo starts a jump, he is granted fortified health.
  • The final landing deals increased damage plus a bonus per prior bounce.
  • If Ozo hops at least twice, he'll get a burst of move speed up to a maximum of 4.5s.
  • Deals 50% less damage to minions.

Slot: C

Ozo charges up, then rolls toward a targeted enemy hero. Upon arrival, Ozo damages, stuns for 0.8s, and flips.
  • While tumbling, Ozo will damage & knock aside other enemies along his path.
  • Max travel duration of 1s.

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