VG Hero: Varya


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane
Role: Mage

642 (+135)
Health Regen
2.81 (+0.31)
950 (+50)
Energy Regen
36 (+2.6)
Weapon Damage
10 (+)
Attack Speed
100% (+1.36%)
20 (+2.73)
20 (+2.73)
Attack Range
Move Speed


Chain Lightning
Slot: Heroic Perk

Varya's attacks deal crystal damage. If Varya holds her ground after attacking, she will strike her target and up to 3 additional enemies with a bolt of Chain Lightning. This bolt deals additional damage and consumes 170 energy.

Stormforged Spear
Slot: A

Varya throws a spear at lightning speed, striking the first enemy in its path. This deals a burst of damage to the target and chains additional damage to nearby targets.
  • When cast during or after Arc Recursion, the spear is thrown more quickly.
  • Number os additional targets hit is equal to her Chain Lightning attack.

Arc Recursion
Slot: B

After gathering power for 0.9s, Varya’s next two move commands will instantly dash in the chosen direction, striking the 3 nearest enemies at the end of each dash. For each enemy struck, Varya recovers 5% of her energy and gains a barrier equal to 3% of her health (bonuses doubled on heroes).
  • Overdrive: Varya moves further with each dash.
  • Varya can dash at any time, but will only dash once if she has not fully charged.
  • Varya can activate Stormforged Spear at any time during this ability. Any remaining dashes will trigger after the spear is thrown.
  • Deals 50% less damage to minions.

Anvil's Hammer
Slot: C

After channeling for 2.4s, Varya unleashes the fury of the storm, calling a series of lightning strikes on every enemy hero, regardless of distance. Passively, each rank of the ultimate permanently increases her attack speed and the number enemies her Chain Lightning and Stormforged Spear will hit.
  • Lightning strikes target the ground beneath enemy heroes, giving them an opportunity to move out of the way.
  • Lightning strikes deal 75% reduced damage to enemies already hit lightning in the same wave.
  • Varya can break out of channeling early by activating Stormforged Spear or Arc Recursion. This does not cancel the spell.
  • Deals 50% less damage to minions.

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