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Flicker Abilities & Splash Art Revealed

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Grubitsch » November 2, 2016 4:44am | Report
MaximusPrime wrote:

Yes! Fortress is finally getting some more attention! I thought everyone had forgotten him for a while and put under the less useful heroes list. Looks like your new Fortress guide is going to come in handy BLG3RNT.

Nah, Fortress is still a complete freaking mystery to me. I don't know how to play him properly nor do I feel like taking the time to go and learn how to play him. He seems too confusing for me and my simple mind. I'll stick to being a low-tier glass cannon.(Thumbs up emoji here)
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Quote | PM | +Rep by P0m3granat3 » November 6, 2016 8:03pm | Report
BLG3RNT, idk if this was already mentioned by someone else but if you watch one of the leak vids on youtube it only breaks one person's stealth, not the whole teams, after mooncloak is activated if that hero uses an ability.
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I have mained flicker for since he came out. I can play him support best, but excel at jungle as well I can play lane with flick ok, but only cp whereas i can do cp or wp for jungle.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by MaximusPrime » November 8, 2016 8:55pm | Report
BLG3RNT wrote:

Guys this seriously won't be as bad as it sounds. ESPECIALLY in solo queue. Oddly enough I mentioned a team stealth aspect in the thread about new abilities. But read the details.

The stealth will break when a hero uses an ability, attacks or takes damage.

Do you realize how difficult it will be to coordinate team wide for everyone not to use an ability, attack, or taking damage? And until we know what the cooldown or duration will be it doesn't really seem like that big of a deal. It will be useless in teamfights, if players don't know that they are going to be stealth then they won't know to stop attacking. It's different when you are a Kestrel or Taka, you know exactly when you are triggering your stealth. You can start moving to avoid attacks so you aren't revealed, ect.

The reveal doesn't show whether or not it will cancel the entire team stealth or just that characters stealth individually. I think this is going to be very difficult to coordinate.

On the plus side as I mentioned in my new ability idea thread, I think this will add an awesome new aspect to the game because it's not just Taka and Kestrel any longer. Imagine other heroes and their abilities if they were stealthed. I know stealth in a pain but I'm excited about this. How about a Phinn hook from being stealth? A Joule Big Red Button? I could go on and on. I'm truly excited and at the same time terrified of these abilities.

However, until stats come out we have no idea how powerful this character is, what kind of damage, how long, etc. If it's a long ult cooldown I don't see it being a big game changer, but a unique addition. If it's like an Ardan Gauntlet cooldown, that's a good time. If it's a much shorter cooldown it could be chaotic.

His ult now has like a 1.5-second delay and you can see a fairy above their head when it's about to activate so I think that people will stop attacking when it's about to activate. If they don't then oh well but just imagine a CP SAW shank out of nowhere with no time to reflex block it.
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