Adagio - Heal item (Support) by Yuwe

Adagio - Heal item (Support)

By: Yuwe
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2016
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Build: Adagio - Heal item (Support)

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  No Threat
Petal If you done of "Almost End Item", Petal minions and her ulti will be nothing to Adagio, well actually it should take half of your health, but you can heal right away. So, her ulti will only deal less damage
Celeste Kestrel not be a much problem, even her 1st skill is hurt, you still can avoid them.And her ulti is easily to get evaded because of her long recharge before shoot. And Kestrel is easily to get ambushed kill from the forest by Adagio himself or allies heroes
  No Threat
Ringo Ringo may cause a problem to Adagio, he will usually ambush you from behind. With his attack you can killed. But why the threats is average? Because his ulti may useless if your heal skill not delayed.
  No Threat
Vox Vox can stop you using a skill or item by his 2nd skill, and actually he can hit all of your allies where you can only heal one (When using skill)
Catherine Catherine can stop your ulti by her stun, even she hitted by your ulti, it will be nothing (if her item was utility). And her ulti is so annoying, if you hitted by her ulti. You cannot activate skill or item.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Krul (If krul want to attack you by his ulti) When you hitted by his ulti, Guarantee 90% you will killed. Why? You get slowed by his skill, before that you get stunned where that you cant do anything. Then if you ever tried to use ulti, it will be useless cause of his passive skill (lifesteal) and lifesteal item. But if you with allies heroes, you may still SURVIVE!!

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This is my item that usually versus with other player, I guarantee 90% win with this item. But it % Win will reduce depend of 1) The player who Play The heroes 2) Allies Player(Noob/Average/Pro)and what heroes they play, 3) Enemy Player(Play heroes(Noob/Average/Pro) and what Heroes(example Celeste, SAW, Catherine, Ringo, etc.))

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